Tyketto, Romeos Daughter, rescue rooms, Nottingham 22-1-17

Scans0746Β IMAG0514I took a later train than usual as it was a much quicker journey. Checked into “Rooomzz” hotel & had a little relaxation before going to the venue. After the total clusterfuck with entry at rock city a couple of days back, i phone Rescue Rooms to arrange everything again….& try make sure no one pinches my stool like what happened at the last gig here ! Whilst waiting to be sorted out, i bumped into Rob Maher. Hadn’t seen him in ages. Was just about to have a chat with him & security said i could go in. Tonight it was a much smoother entry πŸ˜‰ Got the spot i wanted & the bar stool was in place.

About 30mins after doors, the lights go down & it’s the familiar sounds over the PA as the intro to “Heaven in the Back Seat”. The band are right on it. Hard to believe this song is so “old”. As with most of they’re songs, there’s a timeless quality to them. Oh, just need to point out that they have a stand in bassist as Ed Poole is away doing his other gig with Bonnie Tyler in New Zealand. Next up we get “Attracted to the Animal” (from the 2nd album ” Delectable”). 3rd song, from 3rd album is “Touch” This is quite interesting. Did they do it deliberately or was it just the way it happened to be albums 1,2,3, ? Not that it matters, it’s all great stuff. Next we get another from the album titled “Spin”. This time it’s the song “Radio”. It’s great to see everyone up on stage really enjoying themselves. Whilst the audience isn’t exactly jumping around like crazy (you don’t get that at RD shows) they are very appreciative. I see a couple of lasses, a few people back, who are really into it dancin away. That’s good to see.
It’s now time for a bit more audience participation during ” Bittersweet. ”

There’s only about 4 more songs left & they just seem to fly by. These last songs are “Alive” , “Inside Out”, the super emotional “I Cry Myself To Sleep” & finally ” Wild Child “.
Not long back i saw “Heart” at a couple of UK shows & forgot that they had covered ” Wild Child “. They play it slightly different, but of course, it’s Romeos Daughters song & cannot be topped πŸ˜‰

So that was a very nice warm up to this evening πŸ™‚DSC09087

After a while it’s time for Tyketto. Tonights show was a rearranged date from last year (as was the whole UK tour). Considering it was a Sunday, there was a fantastic turn out. Just goes to show that if you have a quality line up people will come. During the intro tape, something that stood out to me (apart from the classic music clips) was when the narrator said something along the lines of “…..switch your phones to camera mode….”. I thought that was pretty cool, as i take that as they’re accepting the fact that so many people nowadays will not only take photos, but also record short clips. (Oh how times have changed since i snuck my video camera into Rock City back in ’95 & filmed their gig secretly πŸ˜‰ ) I guess some of the crowd have been doing this for a while as the guys directly on both my left & right seemed to film the whole show of their Panny TZ cameras πŸ˜‰
Tyketto kick off with, er… ” Kick Like A Mule ” πŸ˜‰ After that, Chris plays the memorable riff to “Wings” & Danny asks ” …Nottingham are you ready to sing?..” But of course we were ! Hey it’s Nottingham & a pretty much full house.

After Kick, they go straight into ” Wings “. Such a classic & mighty fine vocals from the crowd. No holding up, we get another timeless classic ” Rescue Me “. Man, only 3 songs in & the night is on fire already. Judging by the smiles on stage, the guys are having a fantastic time.
About midway through tonights set they crank out “Dig In Deep” followed by the amazing “Standing Alone” . It’s astounding that after all these years Danny sounds as good as he ever has done.

DSC09087There’s only another 5 or so songs before the end of the set. They finish the main set with “Love To Love”.
Of course, there’s been a song missing tonight & it has to be the encore as it just defines Tyketto. Yup, you guessed it, “Forever Young”. What a great night out it’s been.DSC09128

True to their word, both bands came out afterwards for chats & photos. You don’t have to pay extra for that unlike some bands. (Though of course it’s cool if the punters buy some merchandise as it all makes a difference πŸ˜‰ )

I go downstairs to briefly meet/chat with Leigh & Craig. Walking up to Leigh, it’s so nice she says ” Simon ! I saw online you were coming “. Again, it’s nice when someone you’ve admired for years says something nice like “…it’s good to see you’re still going to gigs despite what you’ve had to put up with..”. That means the world to me, thank you. Both Leigh & Craig seem taken aback when i show them where i had my brain biopsy done. We were talking about gigs at the same time & i said in my lifetime i’ve been to over 900 shows. Craig kinda misheard me & thought i’d had that many operations ! Leigh soon put him right though πŸ˜‰
All in all, it was a great night out. Two quality bands for a very reasonable ticket price. These kind of gigs are so much better than arena shows as far as i’m concerned.

DSC09133Β DSC09134

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FM ,Bernie Marsden, rescue rooms, Nottingham 29-10-16

Scans0741Β Scans0743

Ady picked me up around 4pm. Once in Nottingham, we parked on a side street which was free, but a bit of a walk to venue. Ady went off for a Subway whilst i went to sort out my bar stool in the venue. We went up the back stairs in the bar & she left me a stool there. Seemed silly to have to go back outside, but i guess it’s protocol. Once outside, i bumped into Carl & Lisa. Wasn’t expecting to see them, so was a nice surprise. Had a good old chat πŸ™‚ Once we were let in i went straight up to balcony. My stool had gone! There was a couple on the right side with a stool & a bloke on his own on the left with a stool. Seemed obvious the bloke on the left wasn’t disabled, so i asked him ” Are you disabled?” His reply was ” No”. So i told him he’d took my stool ! He was fine about it. Easy mistake to make πŸ˜‰
First act was Bernie Marsden (ex Whitesnake). Being honest, i wasn’t looking forward to it! But, i found his banter was funny & he certainly sings a LOT better than Coverdale nowadays πŸ˜‰ Ended up really enjoying his set as did most of the audience by the looks/sound of things.

It’s quite amazing to think that ” Indiscreet ” was released 30 years ago ! That would make me 20 years old at the time. When i look back to that era now, i think how lucky i was to be experiencing the early years of acts like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer etc etc Unique times for sure. But i digress…
FM start with the usual intro & go straight into “Digging Up The Dirt”. Then it’s an old classic “I Belong To The Night”. Only two songs in & the whole crowd seems to be behind them. As always, Steve Overlands vocals are spot on. It’s funny how some singers from the same era are sounding rough nowadays & yet Mr Overland is pure quality as ever.

We get a couple more old classics from the album ” Indiscreet”, namely “Let Love Be The Leader”

…..followed by the hit “Frozen Heart”. I always associate “Frozen Heart” with a lass i was seeing back in the day during that era.
There’s good crowd interaction on ” Face To Face ”

They play all the tracks from ” Indiscreet ” tonight & it’s fleshed out by songs from the albums ” Heroes & Villains ” & ” Rockville “. I found it interesting they encored with ” Story Of My Life “. I always thought it “plodded along” tbh. However, i’d imagine a lot of fans like it as they may see it as an “anthem” & something to wave the arms about πŸ˜‰
The strangest thing of the night for myself though, in a similar vein to what Heart did recently, was they finished the show with a couple of cover songs by Whitesnake (Heart did the same playing Led Zep) ! Ok, it’s obvious it gives them the chance to jam with Bernie & the songs were great,but, i prefer bands to finish with their own songs πŸ˜‰
Whatever, it was a great night !

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Against The Current, Beach Weather, As It Is ,rescue rooms, Nottingham , 28-9-16

Scans0713Β Scans0729

After the recent disappointment of having to miss Hands Of Grettel in London (Due to the puking from my meds) I was really looking forward to this one. I love a bit of good old ” pop rock ” πŸ™‚
My train travel went fine & as i walked past Rescue Rooms it was already quite busy as the band were doing meet n greets later. I was soon checked into my hotel. Just had to stay there a while to get the energy levels back up (Once again, i’d been surprised that walking from train station into town took it out of me so much. I think i still expect too much…)
When i went back to venue, half the queue had gone.(M&Gs). After a while my mate Jason & his missus Kristy arrived. Was good to have a catch up. Once inside the venue, for the first time ever that i’ve known, they had the lighting desk up on the balcony. I asked if i was ok to be where i was & reply was “yeah, but we’ll put out barrier later”. I assumed that meant just around the lighting desk. Later it turned out the were sectioning off & effectively losing half the balcony for punters! They told me to move,but, after explaining i’d been waiting a long time & was under impression i’d be fine, the guy said “Ok stay there,but if security come up, you’re on your own”. So yep, i was now winging it πŸ˜‰
Gotta admit, i couldn’t get into “Beach Weather” or ” As It is “. I just find these bands a little boring nowadays. One of the kids had nice hair though lol. Seriously, i think i was more on edge about security kicking me out, so couldn’t really take them in (Even if i wanted too)Β DSC07896
An intro & then Against The Current were on stage. It kinda threw me the way the stage was kind of empty & the guitarists were behind the speaker cabinets. (After later online investigation, i realised this is because officially there’s 3 members of the band & the others are touring guys) Chrissy seemed pretty impressed that the show had sold out as it was their first time at this venue. She also explained that ” Roo ” (guitar/keys) was from Nottingham, after which the crowd chanted ” One Of us ” πŸ˜‰

A couple more songs & then Chrissy starts talking about a cover song they did. Of course, everyone twigged on quickly πŸ˜‰ I must admit, “My Chemical Romance” are one of those bands i just cannot get into. “Hate” is a strong word, but i’m not that far off ! ( Same goes for ” Bullet For My Valentine” lol) But saying that, this song does work :

Next up, it’s possibly my fave ATC song ” Young & Relentless”. Just brilliant pop rock πŸ™‚ Then to bring things down a bit, we get a couple of acoustic versions of songs ; ” Infinity ” & ” In Our Bones “. I’m pleased that they perform “Brighter” & “Wasteland” in the same order as on the album. They just work so well together.
This was a decent night out. I said my goodbyes to Jase & then wandered off to my hotel.
With Iron Maiden tickets going on sale at 9am the following morning, i decided i’d go queue early. Might as well seeing as i’m here. Didn’t sleep too well & got up early. Was at venue just around 7am…& was the only person there haha. Eventually a few others arrived,but, it was no where as busy as i thought it would be. Got us decent tix.

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Cancer Bats, Palm Reader, Lord Dying, Incite, Rescue rooms, Nottingham 21-1-16


A rollercoaster of an evening !Β Delayed leaving, crazy traffic, forgetting to scan in at the car park, typically a “40minute” delay on food (which in fact was nothing like that), more “fun” in the pub (not! lol), a gig which started great, had one crap band & finished with a great set from Cancer Bats. Once home, the night was very close to finishing really bad as almost had a head on crash at a petrol station of all places !Β Live n learn…

Well this was a strange old night ! It started pretty rubbish due to the friends i was picking up were not ready. Those 20 minutes made all the difference to how the evening would go. ( Nowadays, i’ve got the timing perfect for Nottingham, usually arrive about 5.10pm so miss the traffic & have time to grab food if wanted before the gig). Roads were busy, we hit the rush hour traffic in Nottingham & ended up over 30 minutes later parking up. So tonight was gonna be a bit of a rush….when it really shouldn’t have been.

As luck would have it, when i got into the venue it wasn’t over busy. So i *just* managedΒ to get front row of the balcony. First band up were Incite, a well heavy band from Phoenix AZ, USA. Whilst there wasn’t a big crowd for them, the ones who were there were really getting into them. I really enjoyed their set. They even had Liam from Cancer Bats join them for one song πŸ˜‰

Next up were “Lord Dying”. They were excellent. A bit more “instrumental” than Incite. Unfortunately, i didn’t get any video of them as their set seemed to be cut short (They said there were 2 more songs & after the first they said it was over πŸ™ )

The (now) local band , Palm Reader were the weakest act of the night for me.

As ever, Cancer Bats kicked some serious ass. It was one hell of a show in a packed out venue with loads of moshing down there.

I always love Cancer Bats version of “Sabotage”

My night almost ended in tragedy once i got home ! I always go to the petrol station once home so i’m tanked up ready for next journey etc. Tonight i had the misfortune of almost having a little twat driving the WRONG WAY around a roundabout & almost hitting me head on. It was only due to my quick reactions & composure that it was avoided. Yes, it did really shake me up when i thought of what could have happened. I was later annoyed with myself as i didn’t go after the little kid in his silver Corsa, but it was too late. I did however inform police of the incident, so if they wanted to follow it up, it would be easy as there would be CCTV at both the petrol station & Tescos.Β I’ve done my part…

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Motionless In White , New Years Day, Silent Screams, Rescue rooms, Nottingham 18-1-16


Half expected the queue to be busy Β & it sure was. Luckily, i managed to get a great spot on the balcony. The first band “Silent Screams” went down very well with the young audience πŸ˜‰ They had a circle pit & even a “wall of death”. Whilst i wouldn’t buy their CD (or go see them headline), they were entertaining. I’m just not much of a fan of “shouty” vocals.

Next up it was New Years Day. Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t great (a problem that continued all night) the vocals needed to be higher in the mix. However, i think for a lot of people that didn’t even matter as they were either just smashing the hell out of each other, or just swooning over Ash πŸ˜‰DSC06638


Their set was short, maxing out at about 35minutes & doing around 7 songs. Second song in, “I’m No Good” Ash got the crowd jumping along straight away. Basically, she had everyone in the palm of her hand .

Motionless In White were entertaining but they had sound problems all night. Lost count of the amount of times someone went from the mixing desk to the stage! Ash also joined them for “Contemptress”

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We Are The Ocean, Tall Ships, AllUsOnDrugs, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 18-11-15


I got to Grantham to pick Cat up along the way & typically, she’d had a slight problem with work & she wasn’t ready. So i had the options of either going on my own (& she would drive herself there) OR wait whilst she gets ready. As i owed her a lift,after she recently picked me up after the Garbage tour, i decided to wait. By the time we got to Nottingham it was 6.27ish. We were both expecting a reasonable size queue, but, there was only one person in front of us ! Talk about luck being on our side ! Once in the venue, we even more realized the gig wasn’t gonna be busy as the balcony was closed. During ” AllUsOnDrugs”, i’d guess there was a maximum of 60 people in there. The audience did get a bit bigger by the time We Are The Ocean came on though. They kicked off with “Do It Together”. A couple of songs in & Liam said his voice was in bad shape & that the crowd would have to sing up! Personally, i thought he sounded just fine ! They played their cover version of Β ” Hey Now” (London Grammar) & played a nice mixed set with songs from all through their career. They finished with the classic ” Good For You”. A decent night out.

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Ugly Kid Joe, Hail Mary, Richards/Crane, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 18-9-15



Well i did it again ! Two nights in a row, i was first person there! But i knew this one was sold out,so more important to get there early to take my fave spot on the balcony. The night started with Richards/Crane doing an acoustic set. It was ok. Hail Mary i found to be very boring/repetitive. Sorry guys. I knew UKJ would be great & they sure delivered. A great start with “Neighbor” (Just a shame the played the whole N.W.A. track as an intro lol) The crowd were great as pointed out by Whit. It was a real party atmosphere in there tonight. There were the obvious classics plus a great new song “Shes Already Gone” from the latest album “Uglier Than They Used Ta Be”. There was also a moment where Whit read a note out which was basically some dude asking his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes !

The lighting was pretty rubbish tonight tbh. Way too dark. But i still enjoyed the night & what better way to finish than showing their love of Motorhead covering Ace of Spades. Another early curfew so home early again tonight. P.S. Chris didn’t drink as much as usual, so we coulda stopped off at Cats on the way home. But i’ll save that for another time πŸ™‚

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