Iron Maiden ,Waysted , @ Hammersmith Odeon,London 12-10-84


Last night i’d see of the tour & was up in the balcony. The great thing was that at this (+the other Hammy O shows) they played the extra tracks which they’d slotted in previously at other shows. I guess that they were rehearsing them for when they played Hammy O. The reason for this was that they were recording the shows for a live album. Of course, in the end they released the show from Long Beach with a few bonus tracks from Hammersmith. I’ve always thought Bruce sounded much better at Hammersmith….

Iron Maiden,Waysted, @ St Davids Hall,Cardiff 7-10-84


A very “nice” venue….probably too nice 😉 Afterwards, i hung about to meet the band & get autographs. But i did it differently. At the time, supposedly, the band members checked into hotels under aliases. Well, i got them to sign autographs as their aliases ! So, Adrian Smith was “Fabian Quiff”, Nicko was “Henry Boomer” etc. Dunno where that autograph book ended up…

Iron Maiden, Waysted, @ Hippodrome Theatre,Bristol 23-9-84


Funny thing about this was that i’d narrowed it down to a couple of hotels where i would stay in Bristol. If i’d chose the other one, i’d have been in same hotel as the band! Oh well… Got there early & hung outside venue with others. I managed to get in & watch the soundcheck from on stage. I remember Phantom, but that’s about it. Also, one of the road crew, Dickie Bell, said to me ” Have you taken root on those boxes?” (as i’d been sat there so long). Oh yeah, also got chatting with a famous photographer from the era (Robert ‘Bob’ Ellis). After soundcheck, i did a private interview with Steve Harris. The idea was that i planned to do a Fanzine…well, i never did get round to doing that.

Iron Maiden , Waysted, @ Cornwall Coliseum, St Austell 22-9-84


0046 Maiden

Took train from Oxford to St Austell. A rare time i used a taxi (to the venue). I remember a bunch of pissed off Americans before the gig…pissed off as they thought Motley Crue were supporting (when in fact they only did the non UK European dates). Also recall there was some kind of trouble with someone who had a knife.

Tonight we got the extra track “Die With Your Boots On”