PVRIS , K-Flay, Bones, UEA, Norwich , 2-4-16


My first time seeing PVRIS headline (having previously seen them at SlamdRunk, Leeds last year). Today i’m taking my niece as she loves this band. Decent drive there, we met one of Alices friends who is pretty much following the whole tour. This girl also made jackets for the band, which she gave them during the M&G. The M&G was pretty good. We were about 10th position. I told the band we’s travelled from the ORIGINAL Boston, Lincolnshire. When i said “It’s only about 2 hours drive, it’s nothing to me”, Lynn said “It’s so nice to hear someone not moaning about the journey to the show” ๐Ÿ˜‰ The meet was very relaxed & the band were pretty talkative. The local UEA security organisation was rubbish whilst the other M&G peeps were going through as people were not getting lined up as per entry. One woman had a chat with security, but he basically washed his hands of it. Useless ! I got a short video of when PVRIS left the area…

Despite a few peeps jumping the queue, i still managed to get front row spot for Alice, whilst i dropped back to 2nd row. This was her first time ever to be on front row,so it was pretty special for her. First band up were the great ” Bones”. I’d seen them open for Skunk Anansie & i loved them. When i saw they’d open for PVRIS i thought “great bonus!”. They were obviously new to many people, but they soon won over the crowd.

Next it was ” K-Flay”. Totally new to me. The singer kind of raps to the songs. It was ok. Then it’s PVRIS time. The venue is heaving & the kids have high expectations…though some of them would probably scream at a fart in a crisp packet they’re so excited lol. They kicked off with “Smoke/Mirrors & then White Noise. Good sound & Lynn was singing fantastic. The backing vocals from the crowd were also great (Apart from the bloke who was in my right ear who sounded as flat as a pancake!). I’d noticed 2 or 3 loud mouthed geezers quite early. One of them shouted something to Lynn about checking her shoelaces. They’d obviously had a few ales before the gig. Well, unfortunately, they couldn’t hold their beer & were maybe even looking for trouble, but there was a little ruckus between them & a girl. Lynn saw this & stopped the song. Security jumped into the crowd & kicked the blokes out. Well done. Job done. The gig for the most part was great, if the set was a bit short. I’d imagine they only played for just over an hour. My niece really enjoyed the show, so that meant a lot.

Theory Of A Deadman , Royal Republic, Forever Never, waterfront, Norwich 6-3-16

Scans0620IMAG0025When it was announced that Royal Republic would open for TOAD, i was a bit pissed off as i couldn’t make any of the dates. However, they added a date in Norwich, on a Sunday, so that was perfect for me! I think i’ve not seen the Royals since 2012, so well overdue. First band up tonight are the typical Essex lads Forever Never. I’ve seen them before, maybe in the same venue? opening for someone. They’re all about having “Fun” (like on his t-shirt ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) They’re decent enough, it’s just that their top song is a cover of John Farnams “The Voice”. It’s a great version & always gets crowd interaction, but after that i feel they cannot top it. Either way, they’re a good support act, no denying it.DSC06108


Next, as far as i’m concerned, it’s tonights headline act ; Royal Republic ! It’s gonna be a short set, of mainly new songs, but i know i’ll love it ๐Ÿ™‚ They start with ” When i See You Dance With Another” & then pretty much straight into ” Walk”. Fantastic full energy stuff as always. Duringย ” Make Love Not Warย “, Adam has a laugh with someone in the crowd, who is now named “Bob”. He has to look into his eyes as he sings the lyrics with heartfelt emotion ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before “Baby” we hear the story of how Jonas has had surgery on his knee. Respect to you for carrying on with the tour dude!

After “Kung Foo Lovin”, they finish with the old classic ” Full Steam Spacemachine”. Damn did that 30min set go quickly !

Next up it’s Theory Of a Deadman. I’ve seen them open for a couple of bands in the past. Must confess, i wonder if i’ll be able to stay for all their set ๐Ÿ˜‰ All i can say is they were good at what they do, but none of it is really groundbreaking stuff for me. Funniest thing during their set was some woman kept shouting at Tyler. Dunno if she was drunk or just in looove ๐Ÿ˜‰ Overall, a good night out & the 2 hour drive was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

Tyketto, Bad Touch, Blind Tiger, The Waterfront, Norwich 29-7-15


Left early as i wanted to be sure of getting front row. I’m not over keen on this venue tbh. We went for a quick pint at the nearby Wetherspoons. There’s a new footbridge to it, which is very close to the venue. I left Chris there supping away ๐Ÿ˜‰ On my way back, i bumped into Mr Danny Vaughn coming over the footbridge. Said hello/had a brief chat. Back at the venue 2 other people had arrived.ย I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a busy night. First band were ok. Next it was Bad Touch , who i’ve seen open for loads of bands. They’re good at what they do & have the feel of a classic rock band. Of course, Tyketto was what everyone was here for. A niceย varied set list covering a lot of the back catalogue (Even one off “Shine”) & basically a quality show. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but it didn’t deter the band from giving their all. It was the last show of the tour & “probably the last show of the year”. I still love how they said the audience was quicker to pick up the clap along before the “Last Sunset”…than London ! ๐Ÿ˜‰DSC04637


P.S. My mate Chris was a little worse for wear afterwards & had trouble finding the car ๐Ÿ˜‰