HALESTORM, Motorpoint arena, Nottingham , 25-11-19


For this one, there were 3 of us going. So either Andy T. or Andy G. would be driving there n back. Unfortunately, when we all went to curry club, Mr T said he’d got a course that day in Sleaford. So I left it to my mates how we were gonna get there. In the end, Andy G picked me up. Whilst Andy T took the train from Sleaford. When we were driving to Nottingham, we were talking about all sorts of things, including my sister. Upon arrival in Nottingham, we walked to the arena. I had to be there early (4.30) as was doing the M&G. It’s a LOT more expensive than it used to be, but I just had to do it. (Thinking ahead, it might be the last time I’d have the opportunity to do so). Andy G knew what time Mr T would be arriving, so he went off to meet him. Soon enough, we were all grouped up & about to go have the M&G. I said to a security chap that I couldn’t stand for very long, so he promptly went & got me a seat (Nice one mate). So I used that in the queue. There were a couple of people who arrived late, so I let them go in front of me. That would mean I’d be the last one doing the M&G. When it was my turn, I went though & they remembered me ! Asked how I was doing (heath wise) had a brief chat, then photos were took. I did have a request for them tonight ” I know it’s a cover, but, could you play “Hell Is For Children” ?? Joe said he couldn’t remember how to play it (they haven’t played it much live) whilst Arejay seemed up for it ! But in the end, they didn’t play it ๐Ÿ™ However, during one of the last songs of the night, Lzzy partially changed the lyrics & sung “Hell if For Children”. Yay.

photo M&G

First band tonight was “New Years Day”. I think I’veย  seen them before, but they haven’t improved ! After there set, the Andys got in. Hmm, thinking about it, can’t remember if the saw any of “In This Moment”. No, scratch that, they saw a few songs cos I told them how Maria mimes a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰ So it’s not long ’til that act that we’ve all come for ; HALESTORM !ย  As always, they put on a great show. Lzzy mentioned that they’d played here before in this venue during the “Taste Of Chaos” tour in 2010. I was there. The other acts were ; Buckcherry, Papa Roach & Disturbed. I left before Disturbed came on ๐Ÿ™‚

So back to tonight. They played a pretty balanced set, covering some old & some new songs. The most unexpected was a cover ofย  “Adele” called “Someone Like You” Hmmm.

The full set list was ; Freak Like Me , Love Bites (So Do I) ,Apocalyptic , Vicious ,
I Get Off , Familiar Taste of Poison , Amen (includes a video).ย Bass / Drum Solo
Black Vultures , Uncomfortable ,I Am the Fire , Chemicals Do Not Disturb
In Your Room , Dear Daughter , Someone Like You (Adele cover) , Here’s to Us,I Miss the Misery.

A couple of people decided to leave during Miss The Misery, so my filming temporally wobbles all over the place ! (but stick with it, as the rest of the song is good quality ๐Ÿ™‚

Was a great night out ! Whilst walking back to the train station (where the car was parked) there was a bit of drizzle. But I bad to ask the guys to slow down as I couldn’t keep up with them ๐Ÿ™ When we got there, I got my bag out of the boot & chose to stay on the back seat on the way home.

The next day, my mum came round, to update me. It was veryย  sad news….


SHAKESPEARS SISTER, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 31-10-19

I never got to see Shakespears Sister first time around. So when it was announced, I just HAD TO GO. Yes, tickets were expensive, but had to be done.ย  (On the day of the gig, I checked to see how it was selling. Pretty much all of the “good seats” had been sold, but there was one 3 rows back. I did think about getting that, but in the end I thought it would be silly to get it) I was on Row G, in the centre. Quite a good position. (Certainly better or safer than being on 3rd row ๐Ÿ˜‰ )ย  I really enjoyed the whole show. There were a few sound problems at the beginning , but they were sorted by the 3rd/4th song. I was just getting into the moment. Didn’t take many photos & only filmed the last song.

The set list was :

Goodbye Cruel World
Dangerous Game
Dirty Mind
My 16th Apology
Heaven Is in Your Arms
The Trouble With Andre
Emotional Thing
C U Next Tuesday
Time To Say Goodbye
All The Queen’s Horses
When She Finds You
Black Sky
Are We in Love Yet
I Don’t Care
You’re History

Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

After the show had finished, I went back to my hotel; the usual “Roomzzz”. For once I was on the ground floor. Won’t be doing that again ! Why ? It sounded like the room above mine, there was someone moving the furniture around. When I finally got to sleep, I was woke up by some people that had obviously been out on the piss. When I checked out, I just had to complain. The guy on reception noted down my grievances (Noise, Towel Rail was hanging off the wall, massive cobweb on the ceiling ) . The day after they contacted me. By way of compensation they offered me 1 hour early check in, free car parking, 1 hour late check out. Obviously, people that know me, know that Iย  can no longer drive (Due to the Keppra I’m taking)ย  & I’m always taking trains. So I replied that whilst the offer looked good, it was no use to me, as I’d already booked my trains & hotel (Guess where ? Yup, it’s Roomzzzย  again lol) In the end they offered me 25% off my next booking. So that will be definitely be used ๐Ÿ™‚

ROYAL REPUBLIC, Rock City, Nottingham , 19-10-19

As I was already in Nottingham I went to check the route to “Rough Trade” (Probably the last independent record shop in Nottingham) Reason for that is I’m coming back later in the year & will be seeing The Virginmarys there. The gig room is upstairs, so I go check it out. They’re having some kind of mini market up there, so carry on through it to the gig room. It’s quite small. No raised areas (even though there’s a small block on right hand side in my photo)

After doing that I went to check in at Premier Inn. Had a relax there, then left it to 15mins or so before doors would open. Nice n easy getting in. Was doing the M&G so got in earlier. Whilst chatting with the various of the band I said to Per that I’d got all the CDs & EPs but I was missing the CD of The Nosebreakers. Think it was only available on import. Yes, I can listen on Spotify, but I prefer the hard product, which I thought might be released in the UK at a later date. But that didn’t happen ๐Ÿ™ So Per says to me “I think we could help you out with that. Give me your mailing address & we’ll see what we can do” Amazing ! They’re all so down to earth guys ! When the M&G had finished, we didn’t have to go back outside. I grabbed a chair , took it to my usual position, then a few minutes later the crowd was rushing in. I’d given my original ticket to a friend. As usual, he was late arriving ! Don’t think he saw much of the opening act (didn’t miss anything special haha) but saw him as he entered the main room. He came over & stayed near me. I’m not gonna do a long review about the gig. But here’s a few photos ย  Instead, I’ll let the music do the talking ๐Ÿ˜‰


After the gig, Mac went to his car to drive back to Bostonia. Whilst I went back to my Hotel. (My god, I was SO fucking tired !!)

GARY NUMAN, Rock City, Nottingham, 18-10-19

Tonight I stayed at “Crown Plaza” hotel. Why ? Because I’d got a voucher to get it much cheaper. I met Neil at train station, then we took a tram to TRC stop. As Neil hadn’t checked into his hotel, he dropped of his bag in my room. We then went to get food. Wethers as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ Neil didn’t have his credit card with him, so I paid for the meal. I think after finishing we went back to my hotel. Neil then took his bag so could check in at his hotel. I stayed in my hotel, just to get a bit of rest. Later, we met up & made our way to Rock City. Tonight Neil was my “helper”, that we he’d get a complimentary ticket. Managed to get in early, so went to my usual position. (Neil joined me there). Something I didn’t realise at the time, another friend was up in the balcony !

The support act didn’t impress me one iota ! Wasn’t much crowd when they played, but it did gradually fill up. When it was time for Gary Numan to take the stage, the place was rammed. I didn’t take many photos tonight as was really getting into the show. The setlist was : My Name Is Ruin , M.E. ,That’s Too Bad, Stories, Metal , Absolution, Dead Sun Rising (Remix) , Down in the Park ,
The Promise ,Cars , Here in the Black , Halo , Me! I Disconnect From You
A Prayer for the Unborn , Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
Encore: Replicas , My Shadow in Vain ,Intruder , Jo the Waiter

Was a really sound gig tonight. Most of the hits & Mr Numan seemed to be enjoying himself (Bonus). After the gig, myself & Neil said our goodbyes & arranged to meet up for breakfast the next day. Oh, forgot to say, when I originally checked-in, one lift wasn’t working. Guess what ? When walking back to the hotel, saw a fire engine out side. Reason why it was there ? The other lift wasn’t working ! Not only that, but a couple had been stuck in it for about an hour !! Eventually I had to go up in the service lift. Next morning there was a letter which had been posted under my room door

No kind of compensation was given ! Next morning met up with Neil & we had breakfast together. All in all, a great day away. Also, I’m staying in Nottingham for tonight to see “Royal Republic”. Staying at a Premier Inn this time !

SKUNK ANANSIE, Rock City, Nottingham, 3-9-19

I consider that Rock City is my “local” venue. Either going by train or car, it’s now my favourite venue. This one my mate Andy drove us there. Parked up at multi-storey, next to train station (But I’d forgot to take Blue Badge-Doh! ) . We caught a tram to the RCH stop. Went to rock city. Once in, saw skunks manager & he gave Andy a pass. Then went to The Gooseberry bush but it was closed. We met Jim there, but as it was closed, Jim walked to the Roebuck whilst me & Andy took a tram there. Pretty much arrived about same time. (Nomis & his wife were staying at the Premier Inn. Think I might have forgot to tell him the Gooseberry Bush was closed. Eventually, they also came to the Roebuk). After food, we went back to Rock City & got in via the back doors. Bumped into Cass & I said “I’ve been to this venue a lot of times, but never been backstage”. Cass then took us back stage. I was really surprised about how SMALL it was ! We passed catering (damn it smelt good!) then round a corner, ended up side stage. (Jim didn’t see that as was gassing with Erika ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). We ended up staying in the venue as it was getting closer for doors to open. I got a seat. Went to my usual position ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Again, the support act didn’t do much that I licked, but they appreciated being invited to support the mighty Skunk Anansie. It’s soon time for what we all came for : SKUNK ANANSIE, once again, headlining Rock City ! I wont write much about the show, but I’d say it’s right up there with the other best gigs that Skunk Anansie. There’s just something about when they play there, it seems a notch above other gigs.

Here are some video clips I recorded at Rock City :

After the gig finished, there was an after show. It was in the room that used to called “The Rig”. I’ve got a story about going to the Rig….& getting my money back ! A few of us went in what’s now called “The Black Cherry Lounge” (Or whatever the shitty place is called now) Most of the band turned up, photos were took, drinks were drunk.

Then we all said our goodbyes. Myself & Andy went back to the train station, where his car was parked. Then a nice drive home ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. During the tour I was enjoying it so much (& feeling well) I decided to add Newcastle at last minute ๐Ÿ˜‰


THE B52s, Trapdoor Social, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 2-7-19

I remember when I was a kid, when I saw the B52s on TV, I thought “They’re quite unique”. So wentย  & bought a couple of picture discs by them. I got “Rock Lobster” & “Planet Claire”. My age would be around 13. Being so young, the chances of me seeing them live were pretty slim ๐Ÿ˜‰ Move forward to 2019 & I got the chance to see them. I just HAD TO DO THE M&G experience. It was the best ยฃ250 I’ve spent on a ticket ever. Took a train from Boston to Nottingham, booked a hotel near the RCH & was all set to go. Must admit, as I’d not seen them before, I was wondering how good they’d be ๐Ÿ˜‰ As instructed, I went to the box office (or a people say in the states “Will call”) to collect my VIP Laminate pass. I then went back to my hotel to relax for a while. When I went back to RCH, they’d just opened the doors. Went straight in, got my seat, looked around at the almost empty hall, thought to myself ” I think this is going to be an interesting night” ๐Ÿ™‚

The support band, “Trapdoor Social”, to start off, I just didn’t get them. But when they were joined by people who played Trumpets, Trombones etc, they seemed to go to another level. (Apparently those guys were from Leeds). As they worked through their set, I liked them more & more. I must confess, sometimes I don’t listen to support bands, but, tonight I thought “Trapdoor Social” sounded great !

So onto what we’re all come for; The B52s ! They played what I expected they would play. The people in the stalls mostly stood up & had a good dance around. The atmosphere in there was one of absolute FUN. I took a few photos & attempted to film a couple of songs, but couldn’t help getting into the groove. Here’s a few of the photos & video clips I took on the night :

Before “Funlpex” Fred told someย  ” Could you put your cell phone down please”. I thought that was quite a strange thing as there were a lot of people who were using there mobile phones. (Hell, on the row in front of me, a couple were taking selfies, with the band in the background ! ) But so be it….

As I previously said, I didn’t take many photos or video clips, as I was living in the moment . Towards the end of the show they played a couple of the old classics, namely “Love Shack”

And on the encore, the 1st song they played was “Planet Claire” , followed byย ” 6060-842″ . Of course, they had to finish with “Rock Lobster”

They said their thanks to the crowd

then walked off the stage to massive applause What a great night this was ! But it’s not over yet for some of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those doing the M&G had been told to wait at the merchandise stand & “Hope” would take us all backstage for the M&G. I mean, as if this night couldn’t get better : I’m going to meet the band ! ( To think threeย  years ago I was diagnosed with brain tumors & given two years to live & I’m still here is amazing.) During the M&G, we all stood in line to meet & briefly chat with the band members. Hope would take photos of everyone. When it was my turn, I told them that many years ago I bought the picture discs, & I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to see them. When I said that, Fred gave me his drum stick which he had been hitting the cowbell with. Great stuff. ย  As we all leave, we get a “tote bag” full of goodies. I’ve had a few of the “tote bags”, but, nothing can compare to this one : There’s a signed photograf , some pins (as they say in USA). Badges to you & me ;-), a key ring which could be used as a bottle opener. But the main thing, in my opinion, is the red squishy (rock) lobster ๐Ÿ™‚ This was a fantastic experience. Absolutely loved it all. Had a quick walk to my hotel & when there, I think I fell asleep very quickly (Even though I was still buzzing after the whole experience.

P.S. My friend Nigel M. was in the balcony & he got a shot which included me ( In the middle, two rows back, grey hoodie, camera in hand )

PAPA ROACH + Nothing More, Rock City, Nottingham, 28-4-19

As is always the case, I took the earliest train out of Boston. But today, there was a 2 hour stay in Grantham. So I decided to go to The Tollmache & have some grub ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, so a good start. Walked back to train station then got the 15.09 to Nottingham. I’d worked it out that I’d have enough time before early entry. Straight to my hotel, “Roomzzz”. There was someone checking in before me, but once they were done, the chap looked for my booking (Didn’t have to say my name, as they all know me by face nowadays ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Got up to my room & noticed they were cleaning room next to mine. Opening the door I head a strange noise. It was the dishwasher that had been left on ! Tried phoning reception, but was busy. So went out & found a cleaner. She didn’t seem to understand English language, so I gestured to her to come to my room. She switched of the dishwasher…then switched it back on again ! Eventually, she got it that I wanted it off ! This was the start of my day going down hill….

I went to doors of RC at the set time, 5pm, & some people were queuing for the VIP M&G whilst others, like me, were waiting for the “Trust In Papa Roach” package. That cost ยฃ125. In the email I got about it, it said we’d get an autographed new CD & another merchandise item.
When the first VIPs went in, I noticed they were being searched. This is something that rarely happens at Rock City nowadays. They were being quite tight with the searches (I later overheard the head of security say it was a last minute thing as management requested it)
Later they brought out a load of tables. I assumed that would be so could search people quicker. I’m now stating to think “I wonder if their stopping all cameras in the search?”. I mean, usually they’ll let in any camera that doesn’t have a detachable lens. So decided to ask security if my camera would be allowed it. He said no. So I took it back to hotel. ( To think years back I used to record audio & stuffed it down my trollies, and now I’m giving in easily. But hey, it was expensive ticket). When I got back to RC, there were a few more queuing for the “trust..” package. I even had 2 different people ask if I was security ! Not had that happen in a while ๐Ÿ˜‰ After standing for so long, I decided I needed to sit down. So sat on one of the previously mentioned tables. Oh forgot to say, all the beginning of the queue were quite rowdy, singing out loud PR songs. So going back to the tables outside, I sat on one for 5 or 6 minutes & it collapsed ! I did like a backwards somersault, whilst sliding down the table. Yes, those guys singing away laugh when they saw it happen. I was little bit dazed by what happened tbh. I think then someone amongst them realized, whilst it might have been funny to see happen, there was also the possibility i could have hurt myself. (Whoever you were, Thank You). I was quite surprised that security didn’t come rushing out, I was quite a clatter that happened. In the end, i had to tell one of them that the table had collapsed!
Another example of my day going downhill.

After a while, a chap comes out to give purple wristbands to the queue that’s doing the “In Papa Roach We Trust” package. I’d been given one earlier so they waved me through in to the foyer. The same chap was handing out the merch that was included in the “IPRWT”. From the email I received, I was under the impression we’d all be getting an autographed CD + a piece of merchandise. As is often the case nowadays, the other merch included was one of those rubbish “Tote Bags”. (I did question him about it, but he said “That’s it”). I then made my way into the venue proper. Guess what ? They DIDN’T search me or even check my ticket ! So if I’d had the guts, I coulda got camera in ! Oh well…

With not being able to take my camera in, I decided to see how well my mobile phone would cope. Needless to say, photos were grainy & the video clips i made were distorted. However, I must say that I really enjoyed both bands tonight.
I think I first saw Nothing More back in 2014, maybe opening for “Heavens Basement” ? I know that I saw them a bunch of times opening for “Halestorm” in 2015. Man, how they’ve progressed over the years ! I actually think they’re headline material nowadays. Their set list was :

Let ‘Em Burn , Christ Copyright ,Don’t Stop , Go to War , Do You Really Want It? , Fadein/Fadeout , Jenny (STILL a standout song),Ocean Floor,
This Is the Time (Ballast) , They finished with a cover of Queens song “We Will Rock You”. ย