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We even had Rob & Rijkels with us at this one! The journey there was so funny when we got to Grantham….round & round that roundabout whilst they caught up with us 😉 We were still outside when Queen Adreena started. I was gutted about that. But, we did see a little part of their set (I think)


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I guess Andy was tired…& i decided to stick my finger up his nose 😉 (Cheers to Ady for photos)

OZZFEST : Ozzy Osbourne,Tool,Slayer,System Of A Down,Lost Prophets, Cradle Of Filth, @ Castle Donington 25-5-02


The set up for this show was ridiculous ! They had a large ” D-ring”, with majority of us OUTSIDE the D ring. They could have allowed MANY more in there. So, effectively, we were all far away from the stage. The weather was awful. Cradle of Filth were utter shite. We had the majority of different weathers during their set sun, rain, hail stones etc….all we needed was a plague of locusts lol. To me, the day just didn’t work. Not only that, after experiencing this silly barrier set up, the following year i didn’t go & no one filmed Maiden (that i know of)

Metallica, Therapy?, Skid Row, Slayer, Slash’s Snakepit, White Zombie, Machine Head, Warrior Soul, Corrosion Of Conformity ,@ Castle Donington 26-8-95


Well this was a bit of a bad joke. Via the Metallica fan club, i’d got meet n greets. A local friend was meant to go, but dropped out. So my girlfriend went instead. Big mistake! We waited around for hours only to see James & Jason. We missed most of the bands! The missus was in one of her moods & she wanted to leave. So we did.Only saw about 30mins of Tallica i think…


Slayer, Malice @ Rock City,Nottingham, 21-4-87

This was pretty mad. Most certainly was a different kind of a crowd. At the time, i hate to confess, i laughed at them. I could never get into the 1st album “Show No Mercy”. But i subsequently loved Reign In Blood &  South Of Heaven. Lets just say I was just a bit slow on the uptake to start off…

Many years later, i managed to find a CD of the Rock city gig…