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005082005 10-6 Download festival


We even had Rob & Rijkels with us at this one! The journey there was so funny when we got to Grantham….round & round that roundabout whilst they caught up with us 😉 We were still outside when Queen Adreena started. I was gutted about that. But, we did see a little part of their set (I think)


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I guess Andy was tired…& i decided to stick my finger up his nose 😉 (Cheers to Ady for photos)

Reading Festival, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Ash, Mansun, Deftones, Symposium, Headswim, Beastie Boys, Prodigy, Supergrass, Foo Fighters, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rancid, Bis, Garbage, New Order, The Bluetones, Shed Seven, The Divine Comedy, Monaco, Audioweb, Drugstore, A, Reading 28-8-98


3 day event. Had a nice hotel only 10mins away from the festival.A great festival. Some fantastic acts. Page & Plant were brilliant. New Order were fantastic. Garbage were ok. Biggest disappointment was that Curve pulled out last minute. I’m sure that made someone less nervous about their performance 😉

28-8-98 Headswim, Monster Magnet, Rocket From the Crypt, Symposium, Deftones, Mansun, Ash, Page & Plant

29-8-98 Lee Scratch Perry, Echo & The Bunnymen, Foo Fighters, Supergrass, Prodigy, Beastie Boys.

30-8-98 Drugstore, A , Divine Comedy, Shed Seven , Bluetones, New Order, Garbage.

Symposium, A , @ The Rig, Rock City,Nottingham, 20-5-98

The one & only time i went to “see” a gig in this crappy place. I was disgusted that they’d even try to charge for “watching” bands in this place. Even now, it winds me up thinking about this. The place was tiny & this was my first visit. The stage was pretty much same level as those “watching” the gig. I couldn’t see a thing. So i went & sat on the end of the bar as it was slightly raised. Security told me to get down. I firmly, but fairly, said “I’ve paid to see the bands & i cannot from anywhere else. Show me where i can see the stage or i want my money back”. Sure enough, i got my money back & left. Something i remember Jase from A saying was to do with song lyrics…there was a low pipe or something above the stage & he said it’s “not a good idea”. Well, to myself, it was not a good idea to have gigs in this shit hole of a venue. I never went back again (Well, unless was up RC on a Rock Night getting drunk & this was one of the rooms playing the music)