Him, Rock City, Nottingham, 15-12-17


This was a strange one ! Before i even got to Nottingham, i was already disappointed ! Why? Well, because a friend i know, who is a massive HIM fan was gonna follow them around the UK & i hoped we’d meet up at Nottingham. We’d been trying to have a meet up for a long time, but something always seemed to stop it happening. I was under the impression that at least we could have a meet up at HIM in Nottingham. So, the reason why i was disappointed was that about 4 or 5 days before the gig, she told me she wasn’t going 🙁 Oh well, c’est la vie….
I did in fact consider not going myself. But as i’d skipped a few gigs recently (wasted money on tickets) & i’d prepaid the hotel, i thought i should go. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that this will be the last time that HIM will play Rock City, as they’re splitting up! So it HAD to be done 🙂
I’ve seen HIM a few times over the years. The first time was in the Basement of Rock City 2002. The last time was Rock City 2015. Over the times I’ve seen them, what pretty much decided if it would be a good show or not, was Ville Valos state of mind 😉
Tonight i managed to get my usual spot on the balcony & was interested if the’re might be some little extras or stuff they’d not played for some time.
I did like the intro music, which was suitably apt for tonight : The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” 🙂 As soon as they hit the stage, i straight away realised that the lighting was pretty rubbish. First song, there was no definition to the sound. Yeah, a great start !

I tried to capture some video clips & a few photos, but as the lighting was poor, my results were the same. 
I’m not gonna write much about this show. Yes, they did play a varied set which covered most of their career. Probably even added up to about 20 songs played. But in all honesty, i thought they just dialled it in. Just going through the motions. There was very little chat from Valo (nothing new there)…basically no interaction between him & the crowd.

I’m sure that most of the crowd went home happy. For me, what i expected of them was to go out in a blaze of glory, but instead, it was more like a damp squib. However, i’m still glad that i managed to see their last show at Rock City 🙂


Him, Rock City, Nottingham, 27-12-15


Him are one of those bands I’ve been into for many years. Once again, it was watching satellite tv from Germany that exposed them too me. Probably around 1999. I first got to see them live at rock city ,Nottingham 18th May 2002. They were playing in the downstairs “basement” room. ( Oh yeah, i remember when they cancelled a show at RC, in 2000 or 2001 & the person in the ticket office said “…oh don’t worry. They’ll be back soon as they’re always playing here !” ). I don’t really remember much about it, but, the one thing i do remember & have always had a problem with, was Villes attitude. One moment he’s all up/happy, the next he’s a moaning old git ! Dunno how much of this was due to the heavy drinking or what. I did miss out a couple of tours as i read about his problems…. I last saw Him at Rock city in 2013. My standout memory of that show was how LOUD it was. Not loud in a good way either; it just distorted & there was no definition to the sound. Honestly, it was rubbish. (One of my friends recently said to me “…there was plenty of times i didn’t even know which song they were playing, it was that bad sound…”). So this show, their only UK date in 2015, i really don’t know what to expect….

I got to RC 2 hours before doors & there was quite a queue already, almost as far back as the car park. I’d guess there were about 80 people in front (?). So that was that , no beer n burger tonight, it’s joining the queue in the hope i manage front row balcony. ( Cat & Reno went to the pub 😉 ) Luckily most people went straight down the front to the barrier. I managed front row balcony, but not my usual spot. I’ve never seen Rock City fill up so quickly as this show. It was quite amazing to see from my vantage point…

The support act, ” Empire ” were just ok. I thought the singer had a nice tone to his vocal,but, i didn’t really get into the band. I always struggle with new bands to me. So its to Spotify i need to go to give them a fair chance….
Once Him were on stage, straight away i could see Ville wasn’t having a good time with his IEM/monitors. Tyical. After a while he did warm to things & there were a few smiles. He even had a jacket & a bra thown up onstage to him. The sound was much better that last time i saw them, but, it could have been better for sure. I’ve got to say, i’ve never seen so many fights in the crowd than at this show.I just don’t get it. I think this will be the last time i go to see him.

Blabbermouth posted a link to my footage 🙂 http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/him-video-of-nottingham-concert/

HIM 2015

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We even had Rob & Rijkels with us at this one! The journey there was so funny when we got to Grantham….round & round that roundabout whilst they caught up with us 😉 We were still outside when Queen Adreena started. I was gutted about that. But, we did see a little part of their set (I think)


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I guess Andy was tired…& i decided to stick my finger up his nose 😉 (Cheers to Ady for photos)