Machine Head, Rock City, Nottingham 3-3-16


If you like Machine Head, you NEED to see them at Rock City. Their shows there are always amazing. The one previous to tonights, December 2014, was electric. They just have a connection with the Rock City crowd. It’s always crazy. Btw, their first headline show in the UK/Europe was Nottingham Rock City back in the day πŸ˜‰ Tonight they have moved the doors till 6pm. Fortunately, my boss let me have extra time off, so my day worked out perfectly : Parked at Forest park n ride, cost Β£2 for parking & tram into town. Went to multistory Β car park next to RC, scanned the app towards free parking voucher πŸ˜‰ Yes, i know, it’s wrong but the last time i went, because of B.S. surrounding the day, i forgot to scan the app. So this makes it even . Saw there was only about 10 peeps queuing at RC, so decide i have time for a curry ! Bloody lovely it was as well. Nice n relaxed in my 2nd fave place in Nottingham. Go join the queue & see my mate Jason is there. He’s doing the M&G. We have a good old natter πŸ˜‰ Then later Jase points out something behind me it’s Richard (who again i first met at a MH gig) we have aΒ chat & he tells me he’s going to see MH up in Glasgow ! Cool. Once inside, we have an hour & half waiting for MH to hit the stage. After the intro of Ozzy Osbournes ” Diary Of a Madman”, it’s straight into “Clenching the fists of dissent”. The audience is kicking off already ! Great circle pit !

Tonights “Evening with Machine Head” certainly covers all bases of their career. During the course of about 21 (?) songs, we get all the classics such as “Locust”, ” Ten Ton Hammer”, ” The Blood, The Sweat, The BEERS” πŸ˜‰

Apparently, when they had the idea of ” A night with…”, loads of people told them it was a mistake. Well, they proved them wrong, with sold out gigs & a fantastic connection with their audience. Also good to see the security having to work a little, due to all the crowd surfers πŸ˜‰ Roll on Machine Heads next return to Rock City. It certainly seems to be their home from home nowadays πŸ™‚

( Updated 13-7-16 with addition of 2 cam mix video clip )

Machine Head, Hostile, @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 29-7-14


This was the queue to get the tickets (some time back)Β Queue for Machine Head Rescue Rooms tix

I got there very early for this one.Β First person i saw was Rich (?) who i’d met when we queued up for the tickets back whenever. Truth be told, i probably shouldn’t have gone to this gig as i had a leg infection & was in agony ! But hey, it’s such a special gig i HAD TO do it, no matter πŸ™‚ I was in the balcony & the lighting was awful. The spots were pointing straight out & the video clips i made are very poor & over saturated. But whatever, i enjoyed the show as best i could…& tbh couldn’t wait to get home as felt like passing out due to the leg pain !DSC00968 DSC00928

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I only went for the one day. It’s hard to believe there were so few people in the crowd with camcorders. This is my angle. Considering my camcorder didn’t have any stabilization & i was quite far back, i think it’s pretty reasonable πŸ™‚ I didn’t manage to shoot the whole show though as it started raining…i was prepared to trash the Cam for this unique show…the rain got in it & it shut down πŸ™ But, with the joys of the internet & the hard core Metallica trading community, the other main angle (shoots more screen) & mine have been mixed together & even soundboard audio is added. Nice.

Skunk Anansie ,Machine Head, Rollins Band, Therapy? @ Docklands arena, London 2-7-00


Shit! How the hell could this be the last UK Skunk gig ? I still think they should have “finished” in the UK & not in Portugal…but maybe they didn’t know it was “over” at the time ? Still, at least they got back together in 2009 πŸ™‚

All my photos from the gig are here…

Edit 2017 ; Another memory has come back to me. There were a few American knuckleheads down the front….or rather, pushing their way down there. Absolute idiots who had no respect for anyone who’d queued for hours to get that spot. Can’t remember if they were there for Rollins or Machine Head, but they were absolute dicks. Talking of M.H. i wasn’t impressed at all. Yet a couple of years later i got into them! Go figure. But whatever, that night, Skunk were bloody fantastic !

Metallica, Therapy?, Skid Row, Slayer, Slash’s Snakepit, White Zombie, Machine Head, Warrior Soul, Corrosion Of Conformity ,@ Castle Donington 26-8-95


Well this was a bit of a bad joke. Via the Metallica fan club, i’d got meet n greets. A local friend was meant to go, but dropped out. So my girlfriend went instead. Big mistake! We waited around for hours only to see James & Jason. We missed most of the bands! The missus was in one of her moods & she wanted to leave. So we did.Only saw about 30mins of Tallica i think…