Skunk Anansie ,Machine Head, Rollins Band, Therapy? @ Docklands arena, London 2-7-00


Shit! How the hell could this be the last UK Skunk gig ? I still think they should have “finished” in the UK & not in Portugal…but maybe they didn’t know it was “over” at the time ? Still, at least they got back together in 2009 🙂

All my photos from the gig are here…

Edit 2017 ; Another memory has come back to me. There were a few American knuckleheads down the front….or rather, pushing their way down there. Absolute idiots who had no respect for anyone who’d queued for hours to get that spot. Can’t remember if they were there for Rollins or Machine Head, but they were absolute dicks. Talking of M.H. i wasn’t impressed at all. Yet a couple of years later i got into them! Go figure. But whatever, that night, Skunk were bloody fantastic !

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