Korn, Snot, Sunflower Dead, Brixton Academy 16-7-15

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I met up with Jim & we had a curry at the Wetherspoons. We then queued for a few hours. When is the O2 priority queue not the O2 priority queue ? lol. Shouldn’t judge, but there were a couple of right piss heads. Was amazed that security let one in when he smashed a bottle (after he’d already told him to calm down & stay off the road numerous times) Doubted we’d get front row & we didn’t. Hung at the first barrier back on the right. Sunflower Dead were pretty boring generic stuff. Snot were better & their cover of ” Hit the Lights” was very good. There was a long wait before Korn came on, seemed to be technical problems on the left side. As soon as they were on, the place was like a war zone. I’ve been in that position before, but never experienced a crowd like that. It was crazy good 🙂 Hardly worth me **attempting** to film anything cos getting a battering most of the time. Really enjoyed Korns show,but, i think i preferred it when they played with Slipknot earlier in the year. But cannot argue with the setlist 🙂 Had a shit awful drive home. Could see the sheet lightning in the distance & once on the A1, all the way to Stevenage, the skies just opened. Couldn’t see a thing & was down to 20mph. Was half expecting Noah to go by in his Ark! But whatever, it was all worth it 🙂

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The squealing girlie cracks me up…but it was mental down there 😉

Slipknot , Korn , King 810, @ Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield 16-1-15



As far as i was concerned, i had the perfect seating position for this show. No one in front to block my view & close enough to get some great shots. What a brilliant show it was ! Loved both Korn & Slipknot, but didn’t like King 810. Also a mate sneaked his video camera in so he later mixed my footage with his & we now have a great document of the evening 😉

Download Festival , Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Machine Head, Damageplan, Soulfly, Turbonegro, Ill Nino, Breed 77 , Castle Donington 6-6-04


I only went for the one day. It’s hard to believe there were so few people in the crowd with camcorders. This is my angle. Considering my camcorder didn’t have any stabilization & i was quite far back, i think it’s pretty reasonable 🙂 I didn’t manage to shoot the whole show though as it started raining…i was prepared to trash the Cam for this unique show…the rain got in it & it shut down 🙁 But, with the joys of the internet & the hard core Metallica trading community, the other main angle (shoots more screen) & mine have been mixed together & even soundboard audio is added. Nice.