Three Days Grace, We Are The Ocean, O2 Forum, London, 15-1-16


Originally i was meant to be seeing “Motor Sister” in London this weekend (would have been the 4th or so gig as was gonna follow the tour) but the tour got cancelled. As luck would have it, a friend was having a birthday party on the Saturday so i decided to go down a day early as could see We Are The Ocean + Three Days Grace. As  wasn’t gonna get to London till around 7.30pm, i knew i wouldn’t get a great place in the venue. Once there, i got a txt from Kristina saying they were in the pub next door. As the queue was going quick, i thought i’d go in the gig. Then i got a txt off Rob ” Come to the pub. We are upstairs”. Ah fuck it, a quick pint first i reckon 😉 Back in the ’80s, the “Bull & Gate” looked really run down etc, but now the place is looking great!

When we got into the Forum, WATO were already a few songs into their set. As always, they were delivering a solid show.

Having never seen 3DG before (lol, not that i’ll “see” much tonight) this was gonna be interesting for me. I enjoyed their set. Sometimes it came over as “a typical American act”…a little soulless & formalized…but it was a quality show.

However, we had more entertainment OFF the stage ! Near us at the bar, there was a couple who were arguing most of the night Was quite hilarious ! After the gig we had an unplanned drinking session back at Robs. Tried loads of different beers & ended the night sinking a bottle of Mojito. Finally, at 5am,  we called it a night 😉

We Are The Ocean, Tall Ships, AllUsOnDrugs, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 18-11-15


I got to Grantham to pick Cat up along the way & typically, she’d had a slight problem with work & she wasn’t ready. So i had the options of either going on my own (& she would drive herself there) OR wait whilst she gets ready. As i owed her a lift,after she recently picked me up after the Garbage tour, i decided to wait. By the time we got to Nottingham it was 6.27ish. We were both expecting a reasonable size queue, but, there was only one person in front of us ! Talk about luck being on our side ! Once in the venue, we even more realized the gig wasn’t gonna be busy as the balcony was closed. During ” AllUsOnDrugs”, i’d guess there was a maximum of 60 people in there. The audience did get a bit bigger by the time We Are The Ocean came on though. They kicked off with “Do It Together”. A couple of songs in & Liam said his voice was in bad shape & that the crowd would have to sing up! Personally, i thought he sounded just fine ! They played their cover version of  ” Hey Now” (London Grammar) & played a nice mixed set with songs from all through their career. They finished with the classic ” Good For You”. A decent night out.

Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds 23-5-15


Pvris, We Are The Ocean, Lower Than Atlantis, While She Sleeps , Architects.

A cool day out. Traveled up on the train. My mate Nomis picked us up & we dropped off our bags at his place. Took a bus into town & straight to the pub 🙂 The ticket/wristband exchange was the best I’ve ever encountered. Very smooth & quick.Various venues around Leeds were used, but, we were mostly at the main stage,which was open air, at Millenium Square. It was pretty much a day of “new music” for me. Was especially looking forward to PVRIS & they didn’t disappoint. ( Thanks to my niece,Alice, who introduced me to them. Also, nice to briefly see you at the festival!)   Saw WSS & Architects in the O2 Academy. There was also an after-show party in the Leeds arena, thought it was pretty crap ! Still, i got to check out the venue

We Are The Ocean, Twin Wild , Standing Like Statues, Portland arms, Cambridge 17-5-15


Ah, last minute gigs eh? On Saturday i was feeling bored & needed a fix (a gig to those who don’t know me!). So dropped a message to Cat to see if she fancied going to this. ( We’d already planned to see them at Slam Dunk festival the following week,but, i thought would also be cool to see them in an intimate pub! ) Straight away she was up for it ! That’s what i like to see. What’s that? You think you’re getting addicted to going to gigs Cat ? 😉

Come Sunday,as usual, i was going out for lunch with my mum & as i was leaving the house, my phone rang. It was Kristina. “Hey, guess where we are?” Me “huh?”(it was a bad connection to start). Kristina ” We’re in Cambridge & i saw you’re coming over here later!” Haha you couldn’t have made it up. Talk about coincidence. So we arranged to meet Kristina & Rob in Cambridge. They also decided to go to the gig then 😉 We met up in a (different) pub, then went to the gig.

It was pretty quiet to start with & tbh the support acts were pretty naff. All i can say about We are The Ocean is they are just a quality act. Man can that guy sing ! So it was a great day. Really nice to bump into Kristina & Rob like that!

Download festival , @ Donington Park, Terrorvision,Little Angels, Opeth, Nightwish,Slash, Halestorm, Ginger Wildheart,Turbonegro,Red White & Blues, Steel Panther,The Mission, Metallica, We are the Ocean, Reckless Love, Edguy, Firewind, Ghost,Sebastian Bach, Ugly kid Joe, Shinedown, Black Sabbath 8/11-6-12


Truly fucking AWFUL weather in general. Even going INTO the festival on first day, the “roads” were a bloody mess. They should have had tracking down in a bunch of places, but they didn’t. The arena was late opening due to it being partly flooded. The little amount of straw they laid down was virtually pointless. Download took the piss. With all the money they must be making, why not invest in certain things to make the experience better when it’s these conditions?? I was & still am, disgusted with the whole experience (I’ve not been since). Even despite there being some great bands over the weekend, this one just left a nasty taste in the mouth.