We Are The Ocean, Twin Wild , Standing Like Statues, Portland arms, Cambridge 17-5-15


Ah, last minute gigs eh? On Saturday i was feeling bored & needed a fix (a gig to those who don’t know me!). So dropped a message to Cat to see if she fancied going to this. ( We’d already planned to see them at Slam Dunk festival the following week,but, i thought would also be cool to see them in an intimate pub! ) Straight away she was up for it ! That’s what i like to see. What’s that? You think you’re getting addicted to going to gigs Cat ? 😉

Come Sunday,as usual, i was going out for lunch with my mum & as i was leaving the house, my phone rang. It was Kristina. “Hey, guess where we are?” Me “huh?”(it was a bad connection to start). Kristina ” We’re in Cambridge & i saw you’re coming over here later!” Haha you couldn’t have made it up. Talk about coincidence. So we arranged to meet Kristina & Rob in Cambridge. They also decided to go to the gig then 😉 We met up in a (different) pub, then went to the gig.

It was pretty quiet to start with & tbh the support acts were pretty naff. All i can say about We are The Ocean is they are just a quality act. Man can that guy sing ! So it was a great day. Really nice to bump into Kristina & Rob like that!

2 thoughts on “We Are The Ocean, Twin Wild , Standing Like Statues, Portland arms, Cambridge 17-5-15”

  1. I still think you are being harsh with that opening act. A bunch of kids who still played a show despite the fact their lead singer fucked off on holiday leaving the rest of them high and dry.

    1. Yeah well, i’ll give them their dues for making the effort (especially under the circumstances)….i wonder if the singer who went on holiday is still in the band? 😉

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