We Are The Ocean, Tall Ships, AllUsOnDrugs, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 18-11-15


I got to Grantham to pick Cat up along the way & typically, she’d had a slight problem with work & she wasn’t ready. So i had the options of either going on my own (& she would drive herself there) OR wait whilst she gets ready. As i owed her a lift,after she recently picked me up after the Garbage tour, i decided to wait. By the time we got to Nottingham it was 6.27ish. We were both expecting a reasonable size queue, but, there was only one person in front of us ! Talk about luck being on our side ! Once in the venue, we even more realized the gig wasn’t gonna be busy as the balcony was closed. During ” AllUsOnDrugs”, i’d guess there was a maximum of 60 people in there. The audience did get a bit bigger by the time We Are The Ocean came on though. They kicked off with “Do It Together”. A couple of songs in & Liam said his voice was in bad shape & that the crowd would have to sing up! Personally, i thought he sounded just fine ! They played their cover version of  ” Hey Now” (London Grammar) & played a nice mixed set with songs from all through their career. They finished with the classic ” Good For You”. A decent night out.

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