Ugly Kid Joe, Hail Mary, Richards/Crane, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 18-9-15



Well i did it again ! Two nights in a row, i was first person there! But i knew this one was sold out,so more important to get there early to take my fave spot on the balcony. The night started with Richards/Crane doing an acoustic set. It was ok. Hail Mary i found to be very boring/repetitive. Sorry guys. I knew UKJ would be great & they sure delivered. A great start with “Neighbor” (Just a shame the played the whole N.W.A. track as an intro lol) The crowd were great as pointed out by Whit. It was a real party atmosphere in there tonight. There were the obvious classics plus a great new song “Shes Already Gone” from the latest album “Uglier Than They Used Ta Be”. There was also a moment where Whit read a note out which was basically some dude asking his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes !

The lighting was pretty rubbish tonight tbh. Way too dark. But i still enjoyed the night & what better way to finish than showing their love of Motorhead covering Ace of Spades. Another early curfew so home early again tonight. P.S. Chris didn’t drink as much as usual, so we coulda stopped off at Cats on the way home. But i’ll save that for another time 🙂

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Truly fucking AWFUL weather in general. Even going INTO the festival on first day, the “roads” were a bloody mess. They should have had tracking down in a bunch of places, but they didn’t. The arena was late opening due to it being partly flooded. The little amount of straw they laid down was virtually pointless. Download took the piss. With all the money they must be making, why not invest in certain things to make the experience better when it’s these conditions?? I was & still am, disgusted with the whole experience (I’ve not been since). Even despite there being some great bands over the weekend, this one just left a nasty taste in the mouth.