Terremoto Festival ,Guano Apes, Limp Bizkit, Placebo, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Muse, @ Trabrennbahn, Hamburg,Germany. 20-8-00




After the Highfields Festival we traveled onwards through the night to the Terremoto Festival in Hamburg. Waking up next morning, the first thing i see is Sandra looking out of the bus at something…that something was Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit , she’s quite a fan….& even rock stars can get star struck 😉 I think it might have been his birthday as i recall someone giving him a video camera as i walked past to catering. I’m also pretty sure that this festival was Limp Bizkits only show in Germany this year, so, no doubt that would have brought in some of the crowd. Actually, it’s a fantastic line up here today ! Henning had given me an advance copy of the DVD & later in the day Sandra & her sister watched it on the bus. I was lucky to be able to meet Dave Grohl & Brian Molko & have a nice chat with Dom (Muse) about how they were doing in the States etc. I was already a  fan of Muse after seeing them open for Skunk Anansie in ’99. My friend Fanny arrived later in the day so we both got to have some photos with the stars. We watched some of Guanos set from on the side stage then some from the photo pit. When everything was over, Fanny gave Henning a lift to the hotel he was staying at (The others took the bus back home). Next day i flew back to the UK. Driving home, my car exhaust partially came off ! I used the pass band to tie it up to get me back home haha

Click here for lots of photos from backstage etc