Monsters Of Rock, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Blackfoot, Slade, @ Castle Donington 22-8-81

004 monstersDonny 81

Myself & my sister went on a bus trip to this one. I’d have been 15 at the time. I found it all very exciting. Slade were brilliant, they threw hundreds of loo rolls out into the crowd & rocked. Blackfoot were a great southern boogie band. BOC were as boring as fuck. Whitesnake were pretty good. AC/DC were a disappointment. There were so many long gaps of silence between the songs & no talking to the crowd. Actually , we didn’t see all of AC/DCs set as my sister wanted to get to the bus in case they left without us lol P.S. Another memory i have from the day is that whilst walking around the festival, we bumped into Athula. He was a chap working at the same hospital as my sister. To think that some years later they got married & are still together is great 🙂

Whitesnake, Billy Squire, @ Bingley Hall, Stafford 17-5-81


Stand out memories : My dad got totally lost trying to find the place ! (Bless him, he did that a lot. At one time of day, we’d go in & out of Nottingham or Leicester a DIFFERENT way each time). My sister didn’t want to go anywhere near the front whilst myself i wanted to go down there. I honestly don’t think she really got gigs (sorry Sue). I settled for a compromise about half way back at the side. This was the best era of Whitesnake when they played the bluesy stuff. Never did like the modern sound of 1987 onwards..