Guano Apes, Moloko, PJ Harvey, Feeder, Stereophonics, Eeels, @ Lowlands Festival, Netherlands 29-8-03


Myself & Michel started partying in Amsterdam. We then took a train to somewhere ( ?!) where “Johnny Playboy” picked us up. As we pulled in, he had a sign which said something like “Garbage Travel” 😉 Edit : Michel sent me a photo & it was in fact “Trash Travel” on JPs sign.

Once we got to festival site, they hadn’t opened & it was getting very boring & tiring. Then the beers & other things came out 😉 Gotta say, people just don’t seem to sleep at this festival. 24 hour partying. One of the worst/strangest memories was in the early hours 3/4 am, some dick head was wandering around with a megaphone trying to sell weed ! A funny memory was in the morning, when Guano Apes arrived at festival, Henning phoned me to arrange a meet. Johnny Playboy thought this was kinda funny…not everyday you’re in a tent at a festival & a rock star phones you 😉

Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Amanda Marshall, Bryan Adams, Faithless, Furslide, Heather Nova, Kula Shaker, Lauryn Hill, Liquido,Manic Street Preachers, Paradise Lost,Reef, Robbie Williams,Skunk Anansie, Slut, Stereophonics,Suede,Ultrasound,Dan, @ Rock Am ring festival,Nurbugring,Germany 21-5-99

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3 days of rock in Germany. Some brilliant acts & some no so brilliant haha. We went on a bus trip with accommodation also provided a few miles away from festival. This was my first festival abroad since going to Germany in 1984. Things have changed some what 😉 We queued for something silly like 12hours to get front row for Garbage. They played in a massive (15,000 capacity??) tent. It got so hot in there that there was moisture coming down the tent. Eeeewww! We had some trouble with a girl trying to push her way into front row….until she tried it with Mel & got a good kicking & words to the effect of “Fuck off you German Bitch” lol. Nowadays, the festival is so big that the “Alterna Tent” moved from a tent to a proper (big) open air stage. We were lucky to go to the festival before it got too big. I think Mel also did a bungee jump at this show. Oh yeah, we knew Rurik from the UK dates & i said to the others ,”I bet you i can find him”. Sure enough, i saw him walk by & we met up !

Rock am Ring 1999 page #0

V98 Festival, The Verve, The Charlatans, The Seahorses, Texas, Green Day, Robbie Williams, Stereophonics, Marion, Feeder, PJ Harvey, Saint Etienne, Republica, Headswim, @ Temple Newsam, Leeds 22-8-98


2 day event. Had digs at a university.

Day 1 :  Headswim,Feeder,Stereophonics,James,Dandy Warhols, PJ harvey, Republica, Robbie Williams,Texas,Charlatans.  Band of the day PJ Harvey

Day2. Marion, Midget, Iggy Pop,Lightning Seeds,Green Day,Sea Horses, The Verve. Band of the day was easily Green Day 🙂

Skunk Anansie, Stereophonics,Gravity Kills, Aston Villa Leisure Centre , Birmingham,15-3-97

00347 skunk

I don’t want to sound over dramatic,but, the importance of this gig to me is pretty much immeasurable. For the last 6 months, since my wife had cheated on me , i hadn’t seen a single gig. I was in a very dark place & things were getting worse daily. I was a bloody mess (not that i let anyone really see it) suffering silently with depression & having the strangest of thoughts. I had totally lost direction in my life. How could the woman i loved do that shit? I was at the end of my tether & wondered whats the point in carrying on? (That is so NOT like me) But then, something just clicked. My friends were going to see Skunk Anansie & i decided wanted to go. I remembered seeing their videos the last couple of years & thinking how i should have gone to see them, but didn’t because of… well, you get it. This was my first step of “She aint worth it”. Pull yourself together. So, lets give it a go & see what happens. Well, i enjoyed the support acts,but, Skunk were just bloody amazing. I thought they were the best live band i’d ever seen. Honestly, this gig turned my life around back to being positive. I got my enthusiasm back for gigs because of this gig. It was still going to be a long journey for me back to normality, but, Skunk Anansie, thank you for “saving me” 🙂