Guano Apes, Moloko, PJ Harvey, Feeder, Stereophonics, Eeels, @ Lowlands Festival, Netherlands 29-8-03


Myself & Michel started partying in Amsterdam. We then took a train to somewhere ( ?!) where “Johnny Playboy” picked us up. As we pulled in, he had a sign which said something like “Garbage Travel” 😉 Edit : Michel sent me a photo & it was in fact “Trash Travel” on JPs sign.

Once we got to festival site, they hadn’t opened & it was getting very boring & tiring. Then the beers & other things came out 😉 Gotta say, people just don’t seem to sleep at this festival. 24 hour partying. One of the worst/strangest memories was in the early hours 3/4 am, some dick head was wandering around with a megaphone trying to sell weed ! A funny memory was in the morning, when Guano Apes arrived at festival, Henning phoned me to arrange a meet. Johnny Playboy thought this was kinda funny…not everyday you’re in a tent at a festival & a rock star phones you 😉

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