Skunk Anansie, Stereophonics,Gravity Kills, Aston Villa Leisure Centre , Birmingham,15-3-97

00347 skunk

I don’t want to sound over dramatic,but, the importance of this gig to me is pretty much immeasurable. For the last 6 months, since my wife had cheated on me , i hadn’t seen a single gig. I was in a very dark place & things were getting worse daily. I was a bloody mess (not that i let anyone really see it) suffering silently with depression & having the strangest of thoughts. I had totally lost direction in my life. How could the woman i loved do that shit? I was at the end of my tether & wondered whats the point in carrying on? (That is so NOT like me) But then, something just clicked. My friends were going to see Skunk Anansie & i decided wanted to go. I remembered seeing their videos the last couple of years & thinking how i should have gone to see them, but didn’t because of… well, you get it. This was my first step of “She aint worth it”. Pull yourself together. So, lets give it a go & see what happens. Well, i enjoyed the support acts,but, Skunk were just bloody amazing. I thought they were the best live band i’d ever seen. Honestly, this gig turned my life around back to being positive. I got my enthusiasm back for gigs because of this gig. It was still going to be a long journey for me back to normality, but, Skunk Anansie, thank you for “saving me” 🙂

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