Republica, Hugh Cornwall, Blurred Vision, Terrington St Clements High, @ Festival Too, Kings Lynn 10-7-15



A free open air show with Republica & Hugh Cornwall only 50 minutes away ? Obviously, it HAD to be done 🙂 I met up with Barry, went to the pub, caught up, then went to the barrier. Earlier in the week, Saffron had said they’d be doing meet n greets, so i thought it was about time i said hello. I spoke with security as there was no info about M&Gs. The guy was very helpful & friendly. He went off to find out for me. Came back with another chap, who said that after the show a M&G would be at the merch desk. He also said ” I’ve not told you this,but, they’re sat outside the hotel over there having a drink 😉 ” . I’ve always been “low key” & don’t like intruding ,(Barry, what was i saying about lack of meeting Garbage even after so many shows ? 😉 )  so we decided to hold that front row spot & wait till afterwards. Weather was fantastic, nice size stage & day already going great. First up were ” Terrington St Clements High”. They were young & i’m sure being on that stage was quite daunting. But as they went along, their confidence grew.Quite a funny coincidence that a song by The Zutons,that they covered, was played over the PA before their set lol. Their own songs were pretty decent as well. Respect to them for getting up there & giving it a go! Next up was “Blurred Vision”. We were expecting maybe a Blur covers band? Nope, it was basically pub rock by some old geezers. Whilst they seemed to go down well, they just left me cold (Both Baz & myself agreed we preferred Terrington St Clements!) Next up, the legendary Hugh Cornwall. Pretty tight band & his solo stuff was pretty damn rocking. But, like everyone i guess, i was waiting for the Stranglers songs. Didn’t disappoint as there were a few old classics. Seemed a few peeps left after his set & some hard core Republica fans slotted in to my left (I’d later hear Saffy say they’d helped her on the journey from London, which took 6 hours, 3 of which were in Dartford tunnel!) Finally, it was Republica headlining. The usual intro tape started things off (well, i assume it’s usual as they used it when i saw them recently at “Under the Bridge” in London). The party certainly got started. The set included a bunch of NEW songs,which all sound very promising. Of course, the classics were all there (Though i was disappointed that “Holly” was not in tonights set). Their show ran over time & i think they’d not planned to come back on stage,but, the compare got them to come back & they finished with “Drop Dead Gorgeous” . Great finish. The M&G did happen, but only Saffy was there. It was all rather rushed,but, was still great to say hi after all those years . Roll on the release on the album/ep & a proper tour !2015.07.10 Kings Lynn Republica kings lynn


Republica , Boomtown Rats , engine shed, Lincoln 26-10-14

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Truth be told, i’m not that much of a fan of Boomtown Rats (apart from the obvious songs) but once i saw Republica were playing, i just had to go ! They didn’t get a very long set, but what we got was great. The new stuff sounded great & i’m looking forward to seeing them headline sometime. Boomtown Rats were ok, not at all bad really. Well, i can tick them of the list now lol

V98 Festival, The Verve, The Charlatans, The Seahorses, Texas, Green Day, Robbie Williams, Stereophonics, Marion, Feeder, PJ Harvey, Saint Etienne, Republica, Headswim, @ Temple Newsam, Leeds 22-8-98


2 day event. Had digs at a university.

Day 1 :  Headswim,Feeder,Stereophonics,James,Dandy Warhols, PJ harvey, Republica, Robbie Williams,Texas,Charlatans.  Band of the day PJ Harvey

Day2. Marion, Midget, Iggy Pop,Lightning Seeds,Green Day,Sea Horses, The Verve. Band of the day was easily Green Day 🙂