Guano Apes, Miocene, @ The Garage,London. 20-12-00

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This was Guanos last show of 2000 & it was a special one for sure. Whilst it wasn’t a huge crowd, it was a great appreciative crowd (as they mostly are in the UK). Sandra really got into this show. She actually crowd surfed ! Up till now, this was only the 2nd time she’d ever done that…it has to be a good crowd for that to happen 😉 A clip of my footage was added to the DVD they later released. The guys did an extended jam at the end of Lords…very cool. Another VERY cool thing was they jammed an unreleased song which would eventually change & become “Kiss The Dawn”. Yeah, London deserved all these treats for sure. Funny thing was, to start off, i don’t think Sandra realized i was filming this night. Once she knew, it was a case of ” Simon, here’s my home address, please send me a copy !” So yeah, a great way to finish the year for all involved 🙂 (Scan of the note from Sandra. Obviously i covered up the address 😉 Scans0513


Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9, @ Rios,Bradford 17-12-00

I used to like the old Rios venue. Saw a few bands there. When i arrived for this show, i couldn’t help notice the tour bus was nowhere to be seen. Got me a bit worried. Turns out it had broken down somewhere. For whatever reason, they couldn’t get it repaired for a day or so, so they cancelled their show in Brighton. This was probably the only time i wasn’t too bothered about the cancellation (Man, i had more than my fair share of those!) as it was a hell of a long drive & the weather was cold/freezing.

Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9, @ TJs,Newport, Wales 16-12-00

I look back at this & am surprised i’d drive this far,but, that’s how much i loved the band back then ! This was a tiny & legendary club ( I say was, because it has since closed down). I met Claire there…& a lass called Rose (where are you nowadays Rose??) A great little gig with lots of energy both on & off stage. As Henning would describe it ” A punk rock gig”. There were lots of crowd surfers but it was all done with affection. I guess this was Guanos first encounter with a “real” audience in the UK 😉 As happened on all the tour, most people were there to see Guano Apes & once they’d finished, majority left the buildings. I kinda felt sorry for Earthtone 9 . I made my own little highlights video of the event. From that, i had someone contact me who was making a documentary type feature asking if they could use my footage. They only had seconds, but it was still nice.

(The few seconds of what i filmed are at 02.40mins)

Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9 ,@ The Waterfront, Norwich, 14-12-00


Great memories from this tour. Even though Earthtone9 were the headliners, most night, people would often leave after Guano Apes played. There was a buzz about GA. They were bringing in the audiences. Couple of stand out memories from the first night in Norwich : When they were setting up the merch desk, Ian Watkins (vocalist of Lostprophets) asked if he could put their badges on the table “That’s all we have!”. It pains me to say, i actually did like Lostprophets…who would have thought Watson was such a sick cunt!?? A nicer memory, was going across the road to a cafe with Sandra & Henning. Sandra asked if she should tip them there 😉 Oh yeah, this was also where i passed over a bunch of Beatles bootlegs for Henning to give to Fabio (he’s a massive Beatles fan). Later, the whole band & crew went for a meal in town before the show. Ah such cool memories again 🙂 The gig was great. I enjoyed all bands…except Earthtone9 lol