Guano Apes, Miocene, @ The Garage,London. 20-12-00

img157 guano

This was Guanos last show of 2000 & it was a special one for sure. Whilst it wasn’t a huge crowd, it was a great appreciative crowd (as they mostly are in the UK). Sandra really got into this show. She actually crowd surfed ! Up till now, this was only the 2nd time she’d ever done that…it has to be a good crowd for that to happen 😉 A clip of my footage was added to the DVD they later released. The guys did an extended jam at the end of Lords…very cool. Another VERY cool thing was they jammed an unreleased song which would eventually change & become “Kiss The Dawn”. Yeah, London deserved all these treats for sure. Funny thing was, to start off, i don’t think Sandra realized i was filming this night. Once she knew, it was a case of ” Simon, here’s my home address, please send me a copy !” So yeah, a great way to finish the year for all involved 🙂 (Scan of the note from Sandra. Obviously i covered up the address 😉 Scans0513


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