Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9, @ Rios,Bradford 17-12-00

I used to like the old Rios venue. Saw a few bands there. When i arrived for this show, i couldn’t help notice the tour bus was nowhere to be seen. Got me a bit worried. Turns out it had broken down somewhere. For whatever reason, they couldn’t get it repaired for a day or so, so they cancelled their show in Brighton. This was probably the only time i wasn’t too bothered about the cancellation (Man, i had more than my fair share of those!) as it was a hell of a long drive & the weather was cold/freezing.

Big Electric Cat (Chris from Loud), @ Rios,Bradford ,4-11-94


I was a MASSIVE fan of the Bradford based band called Loud. Such a shame they broke up. Well, i got in contact with their manager, Andy @ Far north music, & went up & bought various memorabilia from him. This included one of Chris own personal demos. I also got in contact Gerard Rolfe, the bands old live sound engineer. Managed to get a couple of board tapes. Thanks Gerard. I also found out that Chris was doing a gig with his new band, “Big Electric Cat” at Rios. Gerard sent me a bunch of free tickets. I also got permission to film the show 🙂