Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9 ,@ The Waterfront, Norwich, 14-12-00


Great memories from this tour. Even though Earthtone9 were the headliners, most night, people would often leave after Guano Apes played. There was a buzz about GA. They were bringing in the audiences. Couple of stand out memories from the first night in Norwich : When they were setting up the merch desk, Ian Watkins (vocalist of Lostprophets) asked if he could put their badges on the table “That’s all we have!”. It pains me to say, i actually did like Lostprophets…who would have thought Watson was such a sick cunt!?? A nicer memory, was going across the road to a cafe with Sandra & Henning. Sandra asked if she should tip them there 😉 Oh yeah, this was also where i passed over a bunch of Beatles bootlegs for Henning to give to Fabio (he’s a massive Beatles fan). Later, the whole band & crew went for a meal in town before the show. Ah such cool memories again 🙂 The gig was great. I enjoyed all bands…except Earthtone9 lol

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