Juliette & The Licks, Central Station, Wrexham, Wales 17-4-05

I’d enjoyed previous show so much that i just had to go to this! Last minute, very long drive, but whatever ! Funny thing; whilst hanging around the venue a land rover turns up towing a trailer which had a stage barrier in it. I hear the guy talking, look at his face  & realize i’ve met him before , in Boston, 20 years ago ! He works for ” Solid Entertainments”, based in Grimsby. He couldn’t believe it that i remembered him from the Girlschool gig in Boston back in December 1984 🙂

Guano Apes, Lost Prophets, Miocene , Earthtone 9, @ TJs,Newport, Wales 16-12-00

I look back at this & am surprised i’d drive this far,but, that’s how much i loved the band back then ! This was a tiny & legendary club ( I say was, because it has since closed down). I met Claire there…& a lass called Rose (where are you nowadays Rose??) A great little gig with lots of energy both on & off stage. As Henning would describe it ” A punk rock gig”. There were lots of crowd surfers but it was all done with affection. I guess this was Guanos first encounter with a “real” audience in the UK 😉 As happened on all the tour, most people were there to see Guano Apes & once they’d finished, majority left the buildings. I kinda felt sorry for Earthtone 9 . I made my own little highlights video of the event. From that, i had someone contact me who was making a documentary type feature asking if they could use my footage. They only had seconds, but it was still nice.

(The few seconds of what i filmed are at 02.40mins)