Iron Maiden , Waysted, @ Cornwall Coliseum, St Austell 22-9-84


0046 Maiden

Took train from Oxford to St Austell. A rare time i used a taxi (to the venue). I remember a bunch of pissed off Americans before the gig…pissed off as they thought Motley Crue were supporting (when in fact they only did the non UK European dates). Also recall there was some kind of trouble with someone who had a knife.

Tonight we got the extra track “Die With Your Boots On”

2 thoughts on “Iron Maiden , Waysted, @ Cornwall Coliseum, St Austell 22-9-84”

  1. I remember those Americans at close quarters in the arcade. I was too young for a ticket until Monsters of Rock 88, but they were massive with cut off denim and red bandannas falling about shouting โ€œwell bang yer head โ€œ

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