Manowar, Tobruk, @ Gaumont Theatre,Ipswich, 3-11-84


The place was half empty.Their first tour here i think. Bumped into my mate Dave Ling before the gig. Stand out memories of this gig were : “Scott Columbus!” – you had to be there to get it πŸ˜‰Β Andy drove us there & after the gig, leaving the car park, he almost drove into a garage door as seemingly couldn’t be bothered to turn the steering wheel. Also, someone else said they’d drive, did a couple of miles & then switched back to Andy driving. I think in fairness, we didn’t realise just how far Ipswich was from Boston (About 3 hours the route we took) & we’d only just started to seriously start travelling to gigs. Live n learn…but great memories πŸ™‚