Iron Maiden, Waysted, @ Hippodrome Theatre,Bristol 23-9-84


Funny thing about this was that i’d narrowed it down to a couple of hotels where i would stay in Bristol. If i’d chose the other one, i’d have been in same hotel as the band! Oh well… Got there early & hung outside venue with others. I managed to get in & watch the soundcheck from on stage. I remember Phantom, but that’s about it. Also, one of the road crew, Dickie Bell, said to me ” Have you taken root on those boxes?” (as i’d been sat there so long). Oh yeah, also got chatting with a famous photographer from the era (Robert ‘Bob’ Ellis). After soundcheck, i did a private interview with Steve Harris. The idea was that i planned to do a Fanzine…well, i never did get round to doing that.

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