Sonisphere Festival , Anthrax , The Prodigy, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Ghost, Babymetal, Sebastian Bach, Voodoo Six, Alestorm, Ally (Virginmarys), Knebworth Park, 4/5-7-14

sonisphere poster 00824


Thanks to my mate Greg & in turn his mate Scott, we had AAA passes for the show! Got to see two different sets by Anthrax. One of which,was in a tent 



The other one was on open air stage.  

Kerry King (Slayer) walking to his buggy to take him to the stage 😉 By total fluke, my friend Tess got in the photo 🙂 (we didn’t know each other then) 


The Prodigy were great !   I think it was Maxim who came out into the crowd & went back to it, past us. Backstage we got some photos with Anthrax    Saw an exclusive acoustic set by Ally from The Virginmarys 

The very  strange Babymetal 

The clip i posted of them has had over 1 million views !

Ghost were pretty damn good 


And of course, Maiden were fantastic 🙂 

Michael Monroe, Voodoo Six , Sheffield corporation ,12-4-11


Had a right game getting tickets for this one. They told me they’d been posted out…only for someone else at the venue to say they hadn’t been. What with going away to Copenhagen etc & no tix had arrived, i was getting rather stressed out. I HATE collecting tix on the door as, if you want the front row, you just KNOW something will go wrong or at the least you’ll be delayed getting in. After some serious words with the management of Corporation, everything was sorted. Not only that, they even let me have a free pint as it was my birthday ! Michael Monroe was great as ever. Bonus that Ginger was also in his band at this time.