Halestorm, Nothing More, Wilson @ Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 6-3-15

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Myself & Cat flew up for this one. We met Kristina in Glasgow & went for drinks etc πŸ™‚ Wasn’t a very nice day (was pissing it down afterwards). At the M&G i gave the band a box of cakes which had various Halestorm related photos on them. They seemed to like them. Detroit was quick to make sure she got the one with her on it πŸ™‚ Once inside, we managed to getΒ Kristina down the front with us. Another great gig. I’ve finally been to Barrowlands after all these years ! Afterwards we ended up at the Cathouse & who should also turn up but Halestorm & the guys from Wilson. So we were drinking with them. Overall a great day/night…just a shame about the end of night stuff between the girls πŸ™



In This Moment , Starset @ The Garage, Glasgow , Scotland 28-2-15


We met Claire at this one. She was working with Starset. Β They came for a drink with us before the show. Really enjoyed this night. Being late getting in, we couldn’t get front row, but fortunately we managed to get some seats at the side which are raised, so had a great view. It was a great show. Afterwards, we again briefly saw Claire in a nearby bar . She came in with the stage dancers.

Another show where Blabbermouth picked up on my footage πŸ˜‰


Halestorm , Heavens Basement , Zico Chain, @ The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland 23-9-12


Had the VIP meet n greet for this one. What a wise choice it was, as it was the busiest M&G of the tour with about 50 peeps! Without that, there would have been no way to get on front row. The band were very cool & talkative. Could already tell they are really down to earth friendly people. I managed to get Kristina on the first row also πŸ˜‰ This was just a fantastic gig & the best one of the UK dates for me. Halestorm Rock !

The official lyric video of “Here’s To Us” included many concert photos. The first audience shot is actually from this very Glasgow show. I’m on front row (wearing Jagermeister top with orange stripes on arms) with Kristina next to me πŸ™‚

Guano Apes, @ The Cathouse, Glasgow , Scotland, 3-5-01


This was a real tiny venue. Was nice to have traveled up with the band from London. A good little gig. At the time, there was a little fanzine “Broken Violin” & Claire did an interview with Dennis. It’s quite funny reading what he had to say about ” A freak who follows us” πŸ˜‰ Of course, at that time, we hadn’t got to know each other so well (Henning was the one i really got on with, Dennis & Stude kept themselves to themselves, Sandra was always nice towards me) so, i can understand how he would wonder what i’m all about. Of course, i was also the first person to really follow the band on tour & they’d never experienced that before πŸ˜‰ But once he got to know me better over next few years, i’m sure he’d have realised i’m not so much of a freak….or am i ? lol

Lots more photos from Glasgow gig here !

Garbage, @ Princess Street Gardens,Edinburgh, Scotland 1-7-99


The “Front Row Crew” (Myself, Rob,Claire & Mel) met up for this one. Stayed at some university accommodation. The show was filmed for Scottish tv. A great gig it was as well. They did an interesting cover of “Don’t Let Me Down”. I seem to recall that after the gig, whilst hanging around, we saw “Big John” (of GMM fame ) leave the venue. Also i have a strange memory of Mel needing a pee & not being able to find anywhere to go….or did she ? πŸ˜‰