Halestorm, Nothing More, Wilson @ Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland 6-3-15

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Myself & Cat flew up for this one. We met Kristina in Glasgow & went for drinks etc 🙂 Wasn’t a very nice day (was pissing it down afterwards). At the M&G i gave the band a box of cakes which had various Halestorm related photos on them. They seemed to like them. Detroit was quick to make sure she got the one with her on it 🙂 Once inside, we managed to get Kristina down the front with us. Another great gig. I’ve finally been to Barrowlands after all these years ! Afterwards we ended up at the Cathouse & who should also turn up but Halestorm & the guys from Wilson. So we were drinking with them. Overall a great day/night…just a shame about the end of night stuff between the girls 🙁



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