Halestorm, Heavens Basement , Zico Chain, @ Magazzini Generali, Milano , Italy 7-10-12



Well, i shoulda seen their gig in Zurich, but they cancelled it. So had a wasted day there.Did go check out the venue though lolP1010770 In Milan i met the lovely Silvia. I’ve known her for some time via Guano Apes. She was an excellent host. We went into the city with her house mates Budino & Christiana. Did some sight seeing etc 🙂 P1010786 Eventually we went to the gig venue. There were already a few queued up. Opposite there was a stall with bootleg t-shirts. I saw Detroit checking them out. P1010790  Thing is, that sort of stuff is rife in Italy & you cannot really do anything about it because of the people involved ( I remember a story from Skunk Anansie where they said they tried to do something, only for the seller to show them a gun !)P1010855

Another night of good rockin was had & afterwards we hung around to chat with the bands. Was kinda funny when i mentioned Yardbirds to Sid 🙂 A strange thing was that there was what looked like an ice cream van parked outside & yet it was selling beers ! So we had drinks 🙂 .We got some nice photos…P1010883 P1010886 P1010890 P1010902

Halestorm, Heavens Basement , Zico chain, @ Nouveau Casino, Paris, France 5-10-12



Went to this one with Benoit. We did the typical tourist stuff like going up the Eiffel Tower etc.P1010670

A very small gig room, but decent enough show. I think Lzzy was sick tonight. Afterwards, we met up with Anne & Marta for drinks… it’s always nice seeing the girls….then they went one way whilst we went the other P1010766

Halestorm , Heavens Basement , Zico Chain, @ The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland 23-9-12


Had the VIP meet n greet for this one. What a wise choice it was, as it was the busiest M&G of the tour with about 50 peeps! Without that, there would have been no way to get on front row. The band were very cool & talkative. Could already tell they are really down to earth friendly people. I managed to get Kristina on the first row also 😉 This was just a fantastic gig & the best one of the UK dates for me. Halestorm Rock !

The official lyric video of “Here’s To Us” included many concert photos. The first audience shot is actually from this very Glasgow show. I’m on front row (wearing Jagermeister top with orange stripes on arms) with Kristina next to me 🙂