Guano Apes, @ The Cathouse, Glasgow , Scotland, 3-5-01


This was a real tiny venue. Was nice to have traveled up with the band from London. A good little gig. At the time, there was a little fanzine “Broken Violin” & Claire did an interview with Dennis. It’s quite funny reading what he had to say about ” A freak who follows us” 😉 Of course, at that time, we hadn’t got to know each other so well (Henning was the one i really got on with, Dennis & Stude kept themselves to themselves, Sandra was always nice towards me) so, i can understand how he would wonder what i’m all about. Of course, i was also the first person to really follow the band on tour & they’d never experienced that before 😉 But once he got to know me better over next few years, i’m sure he’d have realised i’m not so much of a freak….or am i ? lol

Lots more photos from Glasgow gig here !