Scorpions, Royal Centre, Nottingham 31-1-84



I’d wanted to see the Scorpions for ages. Unfortunately, the Royal Centre was the only place i could get to.(we hadn’t started going to Sheffield yet & i’m sure that would have been better ) If i’m honest, i’ve always thought that venue is rather lifeless. But beggars can’t be choosers, so have to make do.  It was a cracking set list including all the classics from over the years. When i think about it nowadays, it was pretty much a perfect set list :

Bad Boys Running WildBlackout,  Loving You Sunday Morning, Make It Real, Lovedrive,  Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep), Coast to Coast, Always Somewhere, Still Loving You, Rock You Like a Hurricane,Can’t Live Without You, Coming Home , Another Piece of Meat ,The Zoo ,Can’t Get Enough ,Dynamite

Def Leppard, Airrace, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham, 4-12-83


Oh how times have changed. I planned to try tape the gig but i forgot an important thing : batteries ! Back then, there were no garages selling all sorts of stuff & as it was a Sunday, most shops were shut! A disaster. Even worse, i knew a mate who was seeing all the shows & this one he decided he wasn’t taping. So this was the show where i got into Snakebites. Not conventionally though : i’d have a pint of cider, then a pint of lager, then a pint of cider…i was young & couldn’t hold my drink (yeah, i know, that’s not changed!) so got pretty pissed up 🙂 It was a good show though !

Iron Maiden , Grand Prix, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham 10-5-83

0018 maiden notts

Went on a bus trip. I remember i’d only started working this year & straight away i was asking for time off to go to a gig….that’s happened a lot more in the years since then 😉

EDIT 5-19 : After all this time, I’ve found a bootleg of this show. I guess tape trading had it’s benefits (eventually) Shame they got the venue wrong though :