Whitesnake, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham 4-4-84


When we got there, we couldn’t find our seats, row T, as they’d been taken out to make extra room for the sound desk. We¬†were given new seats in row K, which was fantastic ūüôā The reason why one ticket is white & the other is “aged” is the original was stuck behind the new seats. Didn’t see this for years until i started scanning my tickets !

Scorpions, Royal Centre, Nottingham 31-1-84



I’d wanted to see the Scorpions for ages. Unfortunately, the Royal Centre was the only place i could get to.(we hadn’t started going to Sheffield yet & i’m sure that would have been better )¬†If i’m honest, i’ve always thought that venue is rather lifeless. But beggars can’t be choosers, so have to make do. ¬†It was a cracking set list including all the classics from over the years. When i think about it nowadays, it was pretty much a perfect set list :

Bad Boys Running WildBlackout,¬†¬†Loving You Sunday Morning,¬†Make It Real,¬†Lovedrive,¬†¬†Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep),¬†Coast to Coast,¬†Always Somewhere,¬†Still Loving You,¬†Rock You Like a Hurricane,Can’t Live Without You,¬†Coming Home¬†,¬†Another Piece of Meat¬†,The Zoo¬†,Can’t Get Enough¬†,Dynamite

Def Leppard, Airrace, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham, 4-12-83


Oh how times have changed. I planned to try tape the gig but i forgot an important thing : batteries¬†! Back then, there were no¬†garages selling all sorts of stuff & as it was a Sunday, most shops were shut! A disaster. Even worse, i knew a mate who was seeing all the shows & this one he decided he wasn’t taping. So this was the show where i got into Snakebites. Not conventionally though : i’d have a pint of cider, then a pint of lager, then a pint of cider…i was young & couldn’t hold my drink (yeah, i know, that’s not changed!) so got pretty pissed up ūüôā It was a good show though !

Iron Maiden , Grand Prix, @ Royal Centre,Nottingham 10-5-83

0018 maiden notts

Went on a bus trip. I remember i’d only started working this year & straight away i was asking for time off to go to a gig….that’s happened a lot more in the years since then ūüėČ

EDIT 5-19 : After all this time, I’ve found a bootleg of this show. I guess tape trading had it’s benefits (eventually) Shame they got the venue wrong though :