SHAKESPEARS SISTER, Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 31-10-19

I never got to see Shakespears Sister first time around. So when it was announced, I just HAD TO GO. Yes, tickets were expensive, but had to be done.  (On the day of the gig, I checked to see how it was selling. Pretty much all of the “good seats” had been sold, but there was one 3 rows back. I did think about getting that, but in the end I thought it would be silly to get it) I was on Row G, in the centre. Quite a good position. (Certainly better or safer than being on 3rd row 😉 )  I really enjoyed the whole show. There were a few sound problems at the beginning , but they were sorted by the 3rd/4th song. I was just getting into the moment. Didn’t take many photos & only filmed the last song.

The set list was :

Goodbye Cruel World
Dangerous Game
Dirty Mind
My 16th Apology
Heaven Is in Your Arms
The Trouble With Andre
Emotional Thing
C U Next Tuesday
Time To Say Goodbye
All The Queen’s Horses
When She Finds You
Black Sky
Are We in Love Yet
I Don’t Care
You’re History

Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

After the show had finished, I went back to my hotel; the usual “Roomzzz”. For once I was on the ground floor. Won’t be doing that again ! Why ? It sounded like the room above mine, there was someone moving the furniture around. When I finally got to sleep, I was woke up by some people that had obviously been out on the piss. When I checked out, I just had to complain. The guy on reception noted down my grievances (Noise, Towel Rail was hanging off the wall, massive cobweb on the ceiling ) . The day after they contacted me. By way of compensation they offered me 1 hour early check in, free car parking, 1 hour late check out. Obviously, people that know me, know that I  can no longer drive (Due to the Keppra I’m taking)  & I’m always taking trains. So I replied that whilst the offer looked good, it was no use to me, as I’d already booked my trains & hotel (Guess where ? Yup, it’s Roomzzz  again lol) In the end they offered me 25% off my next booking. So that will be definitely be used 🙂