Heart , Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2-7-16

Scans0599My train journey ran smoothly & after i’d checked out what was happening next day (there was gonna be a train strike) i soon checked into my hotel. Then arranged to meet my mate Gebs at a drinking establishment πŸ˜‰ Had to put it off for a while though as my guts were doing summer-salts. Eventually, we met up in a different pub. I got introduced to a bunch of Gebs mates who are hard core Rush fans. It turned out i’m a bit of a legend among them seeing as i filmed Rush in Sheffield way back in ’92 πŸ˜‰ I’ll take that πŸ™‚ Had a laugh with a couple of lasses who plonked themselves down at our table. Somehow the subject of age came up & one of them guessed my age at 28 ! I guess there’s gotta be positives to losing the hair due to the chemo etc πŸ˜‰ Eventually we left for the venue, which was pretty much across the road ! I realised that Gebs had had a few more beers than i thought when he was walking/wobbling πŸ˜‰ Once inside, it was exactly as i’d thought : a nice old school venue & my seat was PERFECT. Front row on the side, raised & couldn’t have asked for more. I got chatting to a couple of lasses to my right. They were a good laugh. When i told them i’d already seen the show in Manchester, they wanted to know which songs they’d played. They couldn’t believe it when i told them that they didn’t play ” Alone “. Luckily, the band have been changing the set list around a bit though πŸ˜‰

FM were quality as always. Don’t think i really need to say anymore than that !Β  DSC07570

Heart changed the set around a bit & started with ” Wild Child ” (A cover of a “Romeos Daughter” song). I’ve always loved that song, especially the original version by R.D. Next up it’s ” Magic Man “.

We also had added extra of the classic “Bebe Le Strange ” early in the set list. This was closely followed by ” Sand “. I funny moment before they started ” Sand ” was when someone in the crowd shouted something to Ann. Don’t think she could make out what was said, but, she commented ” People who are not patient, don’t get desserts ” (So i’m guessing said person wanted a particular song to be played )


After the classic ’80s hit ” These Dreams “, the girls near me got the song they wanted, ” Alone ” πŸ˜‰ The rest of the setlist was the same as in Manchester; lots of classics & finishing with the 3 Led Zeppelin songs.Β This was a great show. Changing set list & adding songs made for a better night. My seat was in a perfect position to take everything in & capture great moments. Bloody loved this trip. Now hope we wont have to wait years again for their return πŸ˜‰

Heart , FM, O2 Apollo, Manchester 30-6-16


The plan today was that Andy would drive us to Lincoln, i’d have my treatment, then drive to Adys at Withern. Ady would then drive us all to Manchester. Best laid plans…. Well, the journey to Lincoln went fine, until we got there. As i was walking up to oncology, it suddenly dawned on me that, i’d forgot to take my medication! What an idiot! First time i’d done that. Thing is, the meds need to be in my system for an hour before they can do radiotherapy. So sheepishy went up to Julie on reception & explained my error. They’re always kind & understanding here & within a minute or so it was arranged that i come back an hour later (when meds had kicked in) & my treatment would follow. We went for a wander around “Go Outdoors” which is close by πŸ˜‰ Once back, my treatment ran smoothly & we were on our way to Withern by 12.30. Once at Adys we set off for Manchester. The traffic was pretty awful & the weather was threatening rain (Hey, it’s Manchester, what else do you expect?) After a couple of wrong turns etc, we eventually parked up near venue & went for a wander. Found The Pub/Zoo, so had quick drinks there. When we got back to the apollo, doors had opened & we just went straight in to our seats. Whilst they were at end of a row, they were close, so decent view.

DSC07537Β DSC07539
FM started things off & were their usual selves. A fine quality band. Don’t think i’ve ever seen a bad show by them. They only had a short set, of 7 songs, but still managed to cover all bases of their career, with old classics like ” I Belong To The Night “, “That Girl “, “Bad Luck”. A pretty balanced set list, especially when given such a short slot. Steve Overland STILL has a fantastic voice. Loved their set !

Having not played the UK since 2004 ( ! ) Heart were well overdue for their return. When i saw the dates, i decided Manchester & Glasgow were my best options. Whilst the trip to Glasgow is expensive, seeing the size of the venue etc, i decided to push the boat out πŸ˜‰
Heart started off with ” Magic Man “. An absolute classic from the early days. Then it’s staight into a song from their ’80s commercial peak ;
” What About Love ?”. Anns vocals are sounding pretty fine. At the time of the gig, i didn’t have the new album (might not have been released yet actually), so didn’t know what to expect of the new stuff. We were about to find out what to expect, with the next song , ” Beautiful Broken”. This is a really good song. Has a nice edge to it. Good old school rock n roll! (Please also note, on the studio version, James Hetfield backs them up. This version, in my humble opinion, is even better that the live, on their own, version. Also for the real Fanatics out there πŸ˜‰ this song was also on the previous album release “Fanatic”. Supposedly it’s totally different sounding. I don’t know as don’t own that album ) Interesting they decided to include a ” Lovemongers” song, called “Sand”, in the setlist. Then we’re back to the heady ’80s for ” These Dreams ”

When is a cover song not a cover song ? When it’s “Two” by Ne-Yo. Apparently they heard the song, asked Ne-Yo if they could use/have it & he agreed. It’s yet to be seen if Ne-Yo does his own version or not. We then get a bunch of old classics including ” Straight On “, ” Sweet Darlin” & “Kick it Out”.

There were a couple of things which surprised me about this show. Firstly, that they didn’t play “Alone”. I think that was their biggest hit in the UK (?) so why not play it?. Secondly, Β was the fact they finished with 3 Led Zeppelin covers. It’s a well known fact that the sisters love a bit of Zep, but, surely it would be better to finish with one of your own songs ??
Overall, it was a great night. Very balanced set list which leaned towards the real old songs. Something i liked πŸ™‚ There were a couple of small moments where i thought Ann might be struggling, but, considering how long they’ve been doing this, it’s amazing her voice has held out so much over the years. Much respect.

Heart, @ Royal Centre, Nottingham. 8-6-04



It had been so long since Heart had been to the UK & i just HAD TO go. A very nice show (perhaps too nice? lol) even though i don’t like the venue. Damn it’s already another 10 years gone…when will they return to these shores again ? In June 2015 i had an email from Bandsintown which said : ” A secret venue Sheffield. Thursday 1st December 2016 ” . Hope it happens !

Heart, @ City Hall,Newcastle, 29-2-88

00181 HeartNewcastle88


I finally got to see Heart after all those years. This was the only small place on the tour, so it made it more special. I did try to hang outside before the show in the hope of catching the band, but no such luck. (Also i think being typical American rock stars, i doubt they woulda chatted etc). Brilliant gig. My only complaint would be that it just wasn’t loud enough! But the set list was amazing.