Clutch, rock city, Nottingham 24-11-15


I left work early & was on the road to Nottingham by 3.30. Had a decent drive & was in Nottingham by 5.30ish. Carl & Lisa were already there in the queue, along with Chris & Teresa. In fact, they were the only ones in the queue apart from some chap from Mexico (i think?). Doors were a little later tonight, being at 7pm. The time flew by as we caught up & exchanged our latest gig travelling stories. (They had all been following the Clutch tour – respect ! ). Tonight we had two opening bands & the second one , ” Planet Of Zeus ” (From Athens, Greece) were bloody fantastic ! I hadn’t heard a thing by them before the show,but, Carl & Lisa said ” We think you’ll like them! “. They were so right 🙂

I must say, Planet Of Zeus seemed to really strike a chord with the crowd. They got a great reaction. I wondered for how many, this was their first time seeing them, like myself. Great band.

Clutch were just the same outstanding quality as always. No messin, straight ahead rock n roll. They had the audience eating out of their hands from the off. There were a lot of NEW songs off the latest CD ” Psychic Warfare” , in fact, at one point, Mr Fallon even says ” Two more songs & we’ll have played it all” 🙂


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