The Marmozets, Blackwaters, The Plug, Sheffield 18-8-17

I’d not seen the Marmozets since 2015 (Leeds festival) so when i saw new dates announced, i just had to go to Sheffield. Train journey went ok, even if there wasn’t enough carriages.(Nothing new from EMT) I arranged to meet an old friend before going to the venue. Once checked into hotel, i had a quick walk down to The Plug. Even at about 2.30 there were a few kids already queuing ! Then went to meet my mate Andy at The Bankers Draught. We had a right good catch up as hadn’t seen each other since about October last year. Eventually it was time for me to make my way to the venue. Once back there, there was a decent size queue. Earlier in the week i arranged for getting a seat/stool. The guy just said “When you get there, tell security & they’ll sort you out”. Only problem was, there was no security outside & doors were shut. Eventually someone came out & he said “when you get to the doors, we’ll sort out a stool for you”. Was quite funny going in as whilst waiting for the chap to sort things, another bloke came over & said ” Do you want a wristband so you can buy booze?” Hey if he thinks i look that young, i’ll go with it 😉
There was a long wait before the support act were on….good for beer sales 😉
The support act, ” The Blackwaters”, were a decent warm up. They got a resonable responce from the crowd. But, like the majority, i was here for The Marmozets 😉
The venue was rammed full as it was sold out (as were all of these first few dates).

Marmozets kicked things off with the classic (well it is in my books!) ” Move, Shake, Hide “. As ever, full on, in your face rock n roll ! Everyone both on & off stage was jumping around like crazy. At the end of the song, Will jumped into the audience…complete with his bass ! (I think it was this song). As the band have been a way for so long, it was obvious we’d be getting some NEW songs tonight. The first of which was ” Play “. It went down a treat with this partisan crowd. Next we got another oldie “Is It Horrible”. The energy level in this place is massive. Before another new song, Becca said something like ” This is unreal… i believe last time we were here we had 40 people ? Will corrects her saying ” 30 “. Becca : ” It just shows dreams do come true “. Sam says ” We’re sorry we’ve been away so long…but it will be worth me”
We then get another new song “Habits”

Next we get a beautiful rendition of “Captivate You”. The crowd sings their hearts out & sometimes are louder than Becca. This is one of those songs that brings people together. After that it’s another classic “Particle”. The crowd pulls out & makes a bit of a circle pit. Then everyone’s jumping around like crazy. The band go straight into another new song. I don’t know the title, but i’ve seen somewhere on the net it’s listed as ” Like A Battery ” (?).

“Hit The Wave” is very cool. (Always been one of my faves) Then we get another new song ! We’re really being spoilt tonight 🙂 It’s called “Run With The Rhythm”. This one is probably the most different sound from the Marmozets, yet at the same time it is familiar (If that makes any sense!) There’s some great vocal harmonies to start it off. Very soulful sounds before it truely kicks in. There’s not much movement in the crowd during this one. But i guess everyone is really listening hard to the new unfamiliar sounds.
Next it’s another old classic “Born Young And Free “. Queue craziness all round from the crowd ! There’s been a few crowd surfers early on, but during the last song ” Why Do You Hate Me ? ” there’s many more surfers. It’s like controlled mayhem. Towards the end of the song, Josh comes down to the mic & says something (dunno what though!) then gets back to the drums & the band seem to jam a long a bit. It builds to a crescendo of noise. Beccas screams are amazing ! At the end Sam climbs up on the PA stack & i half expected he was gonna dive into the crowd from it…but he didn’t. Probably a wise choice 😉

Wow ! What a night it’s been. A mix of old & new songs & everything worked very well. I’m very happy that before going to Sheffield i managed to book 3 more dates on the October tour. I’m sure those will also sell out everywhere. Makes me wonder how long before they start playing even bigger venues ? I’m so looking forward to hearing the new album…

EDIT 29-8-17 : Sorry but the video clips were took down by Youtube due to the record company filing a copyright claim 🙁


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