Halestorm, Heavens Basement , Zico Chain, @ Magazzini Generali, Milano , Italy 7-10-12



Well, i shoulda seen their gig in Zurich, but they cancelled it. So had a wasted day there.Did go check out the venue though lolP1010770 In Milan i met the lovely Silvia. I’ve known her for some time via Guano Apes. She was an excellent host. We went into the city with her house mates Budino & Christiana. Did some sight seeing etc 🙂 P1010786 Eventually we went to the gig venue. There were already a few queued up. Opposite there was a stall with bootleg t-shirts. I saw Detroit checking them out. P1010790  Thing is, that sort of stuff is rife in Italy & you cannot really do anything about it because of the people involved ( I remember a story from Skunk Anansie where they said they tried to do something, only for the seller to show them a gun !)P1010855

Another night of good rockin was had & afterwards we hung around to chat with the bands. Was kinda funny when i mentioned Yardbirds to Sid 🙂 A strange thing was that there was what looked like an ice cream van parked outside & yet it was selling beers ! So we had drinks 🙂 .We got some nice photos…P1010883 P1010886 P1010890 P1010902

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