Republica, Hugh Cornwall, Blurred Vision, Terrington St Clements High, @ Festival Too, Kings Lynn 10-7-15



A free open air show with Republica & Hugh Cornwall only 50 minutes away ? Obviously, it HAD to be done 🙂 I met up with Barry, went to the pub, caught up, then went to the barrier. Earlier in the week, Saffron had said they’d be doing meet n greets, so i thought it was about time i said hello. I spoke with security as there was no info about M&Gs. The guy was very helpful & friendly. He went off to find out for me. Came back with another chap, who said that after the show a M&G would be at the merch desk. He also said ” I’ve not told you this,but, they’re sat outside the hotel over there having a drink 😉 ” . I’ve always been “low key” & don’t like intruding ,(Barry, what was i saying about lack of meeting Garbage even after so many shows ? 😉 )  so we decided to hold that front row spot & wait till afterwards. Weather was fantastic, nice size stage & day already going great. First up were ” Terrington St Clements High”. They were young & i’m sure being on that stage was quite daunting. But as they went along, their confidence grew.Quite a funny coincidence that a song by The Zutons,that they covered, was played over the PA before their set lol. Their own songs were pretty decent as well. Respect to them for getting up there & giving it a go! Next up was “Blurred Vision”. We were expecting maybe a Blur covers band? Nope, it was basically pub rock by some old geezers. Whilst they seemed to go down well, they just left me cold (Both Baz & myself agreed we preferred Terrington St Clements!) Next up, the legendary Hugh Cornwall. Pretty tight band & his solo stuff was pretty damn rocking. But, like everyone i guess, i was waiting for the Stranglers songs. Didn’t disappoint as there were a few old classics. Seemed a few peeps left after his set & some hard core Republica fans slotted in to my left (I’d later hear Saffy say they’d helped her on the journey from London, which took 6 hours, 3 of which were in Dartford tunnel!) Finally, it was Republica headlining. The usual intro tape started things off (well, i assume it’s usual as they used it when i saw them recently at “Under the Bridge” in London). The party certainly got started. The set included a bunch of NEW songs,which all sound very promising. Of course, the classics were all there (Though i was disappointed that “Holly” was not in tonights set). Their show ran over time & i think they’d not planned to come back on stage,but, the compare got them to come back & they finished with “Drop Dead Gorgeous” . Great finish. The M&G did happen, but only Saffy was there. It was all rather rushed,but, was still great to say hi after all those years . Roll on the release on the album/ep & a proper tour !2015.07.10 Kings Lynn Republica kings lynn