PVRIS, prides,O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, 5-5-17

Last night was a late one, so i was pleased my train too London wasn’t so early. Journey went well & i was soon at Hotel Rob where Kristina greeted me. After a while we set off to Shepherds Bush where we’d meet Rob for pre-gig food/drinks. Jim also joined us. At the venue, there was quite a queue of young uns waiting in line. Fortunately we needed to collect tix from the box office as they held both mine & my “carers” ticket there. We went through side door & waited in a tiny room with about 8 more people. Tonight i was trying the balcony for the first time. I hoped to get a seat on front row,either side. Eventually we all piled into the lift & once up there we were told to go back downstairs ! Reason? PVRIS were doing a M&G in the bar area where we needed to walk through. After a few minutes we once again went up in the rickaty old lift. Started walking through the bar & AGAIN were told to leave ! This time we just waited other side of the door. Eventually we got in & too my disapointment, both sides were totally reserved (assume friends/family & industry peeps). The first row had been took by the M&G peeps already. I thought 2nd row would still be decent view…until some big chap turned up directly in front of me. Live n learn i guess !
The opening band “Pr/des” were pretty bland to me (that’s being nice). Just couldn’t get into them as there wasn’t anything that stood out by them.

PVRIS were their usual selves ; a great little pop rock band. Kicking off with the great singalong song ” You & I “, they set the scene for the evenings entertainment.  Sometimes, it’s quite amazing how loud a small audience like this can be. Next we get “Fire”. This really shows what a great vocalist Lynn is. “Mirrors” brings the customary arms waving in the crowd. Lynn has a wee chat to the crowd & things get interesting when they play a couple of songs “stripped”. Just Lynn & Alex up there.

After a stripped version of ” Ghosts “, the rest of the band come back & they play “Smoke”. It’s all quality stuff. Then it’s the real shocker; a NEW song ! It’s called ” Half “. I’ll probably upload it later (quality isn’t great 🙁 ) Oh i thought the old style “street lighting” was different 🙂 

The last 2 songs of the night are “Eyelids” & “St Patrick”

Of course, that cannot be all….they encore with “Heaven” & a rousing version of ” My House ” (They always seem to finish with that one). As on previous tours, it was a short set of about 12 songs. Hopefully, when they return later in the year, they’ll flesh out the set as there will be 2 albums to take songs from 😉

Afterwards, we went back to Brewdog when we met a slightly drunk Rob 😉 Stayed there a while with a couple of others. Lack of sleep was catching up with me & i couldn’t wait to get back to Hotel Rob. Had a decent nights sleep & was on my way back home around 1pm.

Lissie, The Travelling Band, O2 Forum , London 15-2-16


Due to structural problems at SBE, this is another gig that was moved to The O2 Forum. There was a bunch of people waiting quite early & it turned out they were doing the M & G with Lissie. I asked security where the O2 Priority queue was & it was where i’d already stood. Interestingly, unlike other O2 venues, at this one both the “normal” queue & O2 queue go in at the same time. Kinda defeats the point of priority. No wonder the cool security chap said they’d had a few complaints about that. Whilst i do see the argument that if someone has queued for hours in the normal queue & then someone turns up for priority queue, they could get in quicker & it’s not exactly fair, i’m the kinda guy who likes to have his cake & eat it! 😉 So, for time being, if you wanna be sure of front row, get there early & see how many people are in the queues & join the one with the least…

Turns out that tonights opening act “The Travelling Band” are also going to be playing with Lissie, so they have their work cut out. Must confess, they didn’t really do anything for me 🙁 Though it’s obvious they’re great musicians, especially when Lissie says they’ve learnt about 20 of her songs in under a week! Actually, i thought they also looked like they were enjoying things more when playing for Lissie. Tonights set was pretty varied & obviously there was a bunch of songs off the latest album ” My Wild West “. The opening salvo of ” Hero, Sleepwalking, Shameless, They All Want you” totally pulled me in. I just knew this would be a special gig.

I found Lissies interaction with the crowd to be both funny & sincere. ” Some people don’t like my hairy armpits” (or words to that effect lol). She’s a bit of a hippy i guess. Told us stories of buying a lot of land as she wants to turn it over & help the environment. She seems such a warm & genuine person. DSC06034



It was a great night & certainly won’t be the last time i see Lissie. Afterwards, i briefly met my friends Julia & Nadine. Quite funny we’d not seen each other for ages & yet within the space of a couple of weeks we’d reconnected twice (Skunk Anansie night was great fun). When i got back to Cockfosters my car was iced over quite hard. Still, didn’t take long to clear it. Got home around 02.15 am.