Tyketto, Bad Touch, Blind Tiger, The Waterfront, Norwich 29-7-15


Left early as i wanted to be sure of getting front row. I’m not over keen on this venue tbh. We went for a quick pint at the nearby Wetherspoons. There’s a new footbridge to it, which is very close to the venue. I left Chris there supping away 😉 On my way back, i bumped into Mr Danny Vaughn coming over the footbridge. Said hello/had a brief chat. Back at the venue 2 other people had arrived. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a busy night. First band were ok. Next it was Bad Touch , who i’ve seen open for loads of bands. They’re good at what they do & have the feel of a classic rock band. Of course, Tyketto was what everyone was here for. A nice varied set list covering a lot of the back catalogue (Even one off “Shine”) & basically a quality show. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but it didn’t deter the band from giving their all. It was the last show of the tour & “probably the last show of the year”. I still love how they said the audience was quicker to pick up the clap along before the “Last Sunset”…than London ! 😉DSC04637


P.S. My mate Chris was a little worse for wear afterwards & had trouble finding the car 😉