Guano Apes, @ Hop & Grape, University, Manchester 4-5-01

GAmcr2Gamcr1StudeMcr(Photos from the soundcheck)

I remember being a bit paranoid about leaving my car as the venue is close to Moss side. After a word with Kirsten, it was arranged so i could park up next to the tour bus in a more safer place 😉 Had a good old chat with their merch guy ( Frankie? ) at this show. He gave me one of the dodel up key rings. Funniest thing was that i thought he was offering me a sweet cos of the small packet etc. The audience at this show were pretty much a bunch of muppets. People were more interested in crowd surfing than getting into the music. I told Guido that it would get rough & he nailed down the monitors at front of stage.

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