Apocalyptica + Vamps , Rock City, Nottingham 25-11-15


I was absolutely fuming before this gig! Why ? I was meant to collect a ticket on the door & Alt-Tickets had NOT sent the collection list to Rock City. So whilst myself & a bunch more were waiting, people were streaming into the venue & taking the best spots. Fortunately, tonight Cat went with me so she got in the venue whilst i waited around like a spare part in the foyer. Whatever, this fiasco really wound me up & basically ruined my night. I hate incompetence. I’ve since emailed both RC/Alt-tickets complaining. RC just passed the buck. Alt-tickets did accept they were at fault & have offered to refund my collection fee of £1.50…wow big deal ! I’ll obviously never order a ticket for collection here again. In the end, i did get into the show. It was ok. Nothing fantastic. I’ve ticked them off the list of bands too see 😉

P.S. The irony was also when you collect tickets, they don’t actually give you a ticket! You just get a till receipt, which you give to the doorman! Good ol’ Cat gave me her ticket…..which i think was an attempt to try calm me down 😉 Its appreciated.

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