Guano Apes, Sugar Coma, @ Mean Fiddler,(Astoria2),London 2-5-01

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Ah one of my fave Guano shows. The best UK show for me easily. It was great to see the audience size building up. Got there early & bumped into Sandra. “Simon, i hear you’re joining us on the bus to go up to Glasgow ?” Good to know that was arranged & it was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED thank you. My friend Claire was hanging around with a mate & they came in for sound check.Scans0044

A funny thing : Sometime later on, i went out through a side exit. Who should i almost open the door onto, but Rob ! You couldn’t make it up ! 🙂  MTV did a small interview for the Riot Show.028_28027_27 026_26

This was one hell of a gig. They truly were rockin big time. If theres one show i could ever got from the soundboard (Hello again Ingo ! 😉 ) this would be it. Sandra dedicated a song to me & said some nice words. It was special.

P.S. The guy “Nelly Ligger” who did the magazine review didn’t have a clue. Hell, with a name like that i even doubt if he bothered turning up tbh. Yes, i’m biased, but any GA fan would have loved this show….as most of the crowd did 😉