Guano Apes, Sugar Coma, @ Mean Fiddler,(Astoria2),London 2-5-01

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Ah one of my fave Guano shows. The best UK show for me easily. It was great to see the audience size building up. Got there early & bumped into Sandra. “Simon, i hear you’re joining us on the bus to go up to Glasgow ?” Good to know that was arranged & it was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED thank you. My friend Claire was hanging around with a mate & they came in for sound check.Scans0044

A funny thing : Sometime later on, i went out through a side exit. Who should i almost open the door onto, but Rob ! You couldn’t make it up ! 🙂  MTV did a small interview for the Riot Show.028_28027_27 026_26

This was one hell of a gig. They truly were rockin big time. If theres one show i could ever got from the soundboard (Hello again Ingo ! 😉 ) this would be it. Sandra dedicated a song to me & said some nice words. It was special.

P.S. The guy “Nelly Ligger” who did the magazine review didn’t have a clue. Hell, with a name like that i even doubt if he bothered turning up tbh. Yes, i’m biased, but any GA fan would have loved this show….as most of the crowd did 😉

One thought on “Guano Apes, Sugar Coma, @ Mean Fiddler,(Astoria2),London 2-5-01”

  1. Lets get the facts straight here…

    I remember it like this…

    You opened the door on me and I say “Hey Simon”, you then go all security mofo on me and say “you can’t come in here, VIP only” and close the door in my face!

    Everyone around me in the queue cough’s *cock*.

    You then realised your epic fail. The guilt floods over you which meant you instantly turned into Mr Soppy Bollocks and come out for a cuddle.

    That’s what happened!

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