Loud, @ Marquee Club,London 15-7-92


Through a bit of luck i bumped into my old mate Dave Ling. He was there to do an interview with Chris. I told him how much i loved Loud & when Andy Farrow (Their manager from Northern Music Company) arrived, Dave asked if i could sit in on the interview & it was ok’d. That was cool & interesting. Back then, i had a camera that used film & took a few photos with Chris etc. Unfortunately, when i went to collect the developed photos, they told me the film had split down the middle & all photos were lost. Not only that, but, the same film had photos from Iron Maidens Fear Of the dark playback in Norwich. All lost. Gutted.

P.S. Dave, i’d still love to hear that interview again…

Tesla, Little Angels, @ Marquee Club, London 18-5-87

00155 tesla marquee

This was well worth the effort/travelling etc. The opening act was Little Angels. Might have been their first gig in London ? They were pretty damn good. (Unfortunately, a few years later, they would become my “jinxed band”. Shows got cancelled, merch got lost in the post etc)  Tesla are all about quality. Years later, when i saw them in Glasgow, i pretty much blew their minds when i showed them the old Marquee ticket! (Dave Rude, the guitarist might not have been born when Tesla played this gig! Or if he was, he’d be super young 😉 ) Not only did i manage to save my ticket, but also got a decent sounding recording of Tesla 🙂

The Whole Population Of Hackney (Maiden secret kinda) ,Marquee Club,London. 19-12-85

0086 Maidenmarquee


This was very special. A band called “The Sherman Tankers” had done a low key show & then the same guys announced this gig. Basically, Adrian & friends then on encores, Bruce Dickinson etc joined. Very rare to see a ticket for the show, but i looked after mine (even though i was offered cash to buy it)