Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Manchester Apollo 12-6-07



This was a bloody great show. Papa Roach opened & they were full on from the get go. Motley Crue were great. Nice to still be able to see them in a decent size venue…& on the front row 🙂 I remember when they played here back in 1996, a mate tried to video the gig. He managed 30mins & they caught him. Technology has changed since then & i know of someone at this gig who was trying to capture the I.E.M. feed ! (It’s never seen the light of day as far as i know)

Click HERE for LOTS of photos from the gig

The Wonder Stuff, Voice Of The Beehive, @ Manchester Apollo,5-12-03



I remember thinking how late VOTB were arriving. Seems there was a hell of a delay on the motorway (Think i also caught part of it on my journey). Once they arrived, certainly seemed a little stressed out. Missy : ” Simon, at least give me a hug after that awful drive we’ve had!” (Or words to that effect). Was interesting for me seeing the “other side” of the venue. I kinda got a bit lost haha (Spinal Tap?).Again, VOTB went down well with the crowd & i filmed it all. Strange as it sounds, i hung with the band during some of The Stuffies set…strange because i LOVE the Stuffies. Also, i just kept my camcorder running most of the night & did a mini “interview” with Mike amongst other things.