Motorhead, Tank , @ De Montfort Hall,Leicester, 8-4-82

009 motorheadMotorhead Leics1

I’m unsure which night was the school bus trip & which was the one my dad drove us to. But, i remember hanging around afterwards & joining a line to meet/get autographs from Motorhead. Strange how things can stand out : I remember i got along to Fast Eddie & his pen stopped working. He squiggled on his boot & got it working again…20151229_131217 20151229_131248

Oh yeah, another memory is that whilst at this show i got my first proper boot to the head (actually, my nose & i thought it might have been broken)

Motorhead, Tank , @ De Montfort Hall,Leicester, 7-4-82

008 motorheadMotorhead leics2

Motorhead was the first band that i saw more than once on the same tour. My dad drove us to one show & the other was a school bus trip. I remember my dad saying ” Why would you want to see them  more than once ?” Even back then, i just KNEW it would be worth seeing more than once. I mean, you go one show & what if you catch the band on an off night? Or at another venue, the crowd is so much better than others ? Already i was questioning it all….

Iron Maiden , The Rods, @ De Montfort Hall,Leicester 5-3-82

006 maiden

At the time, Maiden were my favourite band. This show only solidified things for me! The energy up on stage, they’d got the front man they needed, the brilliant crowd. I couldn’t believe they kept coming back for encores. This show was the one i got a really sore neck due to headbanging 😉 Maiden went on to be the band i’d see most live shows of…