Skunk Anansie , The Jezabels, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands 25-11-12



This was a good one. Myself & a few local friends made a weekend of this. Flying over on the Saturday, doing the usual stuff in Amsterdam, then on Sunday it was Skunk @ the Ziggo Dome.My mates came back to Boston on the Monday, but i traveled on to Cologne for Garbage gig. ¬†Got to Ziggo, met a few of the Dutchies & Cass took us in early. This venue is huge. Was interesting seeing stuff being set up etc. As ever, Mark was gonna run his GoPro cameras & he’d got a new item : The head strap mount ! He asked who’d like to try it. Theo did ..P1020298

It was the last night of the tour for The Jezabels, so Mark had made a nice little video to be played behind them…mate !

Still to be finished…


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